Monday, November 26, 2007

i LOVE the holidays

Something about this time of year just makes me happy. Absolutely nothing can change, but I'm just always in a better mood. I love everything - the cold, the lights, the decorations, the music, the movies, the family get-togethers, the food, the parties...what is not to like? Yet, even as I sit here and think of all the fun, I completely forget the reason we even have this holiday. How easily I am distracted, and that, sadly, is not just during Christmas time.

I have decided that I need to apologize in advance for the men who may one day enter my family. Me and my sisters are crazy when together. We are fun and amusing - don't get me wrong - but sometimes i wonder, does it require a special kind of sense of humor? That, I guess, we will one day have to discover. As for now, we can assume we are actually quite normal and enjoy that. Honestly, though, what should be expected from 4 girls who are all very different and only see each other a few times a year?

After fighting the aweful traffic back to Houston with the rest of the world....

we did a little decorating. Our living room looks like Christmas threw-up. It's glorious. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

oh the irony

In the midst of my past week, at least i can laugh at myself...

This Tuesday, I organized and took my 3rd graders on our first field trip. That morning 2 of the 4 teachers bailed on me for different reasons, leaving me and one other teacher with 70 eight year olds and a few parents. Needless to say, I was Ms. Heine-don't-mess-with-me-today strict. While on the school bus on the way back, it starts downpoaring - the windows down. Kids screaming. Me - the only teacher on the bus - trying to get them to calm down and put up the windows - something their little hands can't do by themselves. Meanwhile, one of my more difficult students, decides he wants to keep standing up - an huge no-no. Coming up the isle, I stop at him and shook my finger, saying "if you stand up one more time..." - meanwhile, the bus driver decides to turn the corner.

it was like in slow motion...

...i lost my footing...

...still tried to keep my stern/angry face...

...but just couldn't recover...

...and completely fall into the lap of the innocent kid across the isle!!

My troublemaker just looks at me not knowing how to respond, and just gives this huge wry grin. The whole bus, including the parents, I'm sure, was now looking at me. I couldn't keep it together and just bust out laughing.

This is why you don't stand up on the bus.

I was always taught to lead through example, right?

i do have some of the greatest/cutest kids. it makes my job worth it. sometimes i still can't believe that i am old enough to be doing this.

(bottom)These are all the 3rd graders I was put in charge of. That's me in the top right corner. :)