Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alyeska Downhill Skiing

Matt and I get days off work.  They are just rarely on the same day.  So we did some pre-planning and decided to take Friday off and have a day together - no chores, no house remodel, nothing.  We slept in and headed out to Girdwood to enjoy some breakfast and downhill skiing at this resort.
Alyeska Resort
Girdwood, Alaska
The beauty of this particular day was that the top of the mountain had gotten 51 inches of fresh snow in the last week, the sun was out (how I miss the sun!), it was in the 20's (that's warm, people), and it was a Friday morning so there was nobody there.  The conditions were perfect.
You can see how all the lifts were not so full...
We opted to stay on the lower part of the mountain, because a) I'm still trying to get my downhill skiing groove on and b) it is like $25 a lift ticket. Much cheaper. No point in shelling out the big bucks to be miserable coming down the whole mountain.
Did I mention it was awesome not having to fight a crowd?
Matt was excited! 
Notice how there is no line at the lift behind him.

The views were pretty good if I do say so myself

Taking it all in half way down the mountain

Doing our best to get the background. 
It didn't really work very well.
I actually had a ton of fun once I got the swing of it.  Maybe next time we'll venture to the very top...maybe.

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Lynn Cooper said...

You guys are just so cool. Way to embrace life in Alaska!