Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm currently living in a season of life that involves lots of change.  And effort.  As much as I long to just sit and be still - and spend my afternoons taking hour long walks in this 80 degree December weather (really? I wanted to escape the dreadful freezing Alaska winter, but this is kinda ridiculous) - my life right now is full of projects and contractors and unpacking and making a home.  But that last part I love.

Thus, blogging has taken a back seat lately.  So much has happened though! My baby girl not only turned 10 months...
 but 11 months!
I'm currently planning her first birthday party.  You know the one that's really just for the parents, since she'll never actually remember it, but I'd be a bad mom if I didn't have one?  Yeah, that one.  But I'm excited.  I think I'm going to go with a pink and yellow theme.  I cannot believe she's going to be one.  ONE.  Which means I'll have been a mom for whole year.  How did that happen?!?

Anyways...we celebrated Halloween with our cousin.  We were actually painting kitchen cabinets on October 31st, so it's a good thing I busted the outfit out early for this photo shoot.  Are they not so cute together?
 We enjoyed a corn maze too.  I'm pretty sure she's the cutest little ladybug ever.
Have I mentioned we are remodeling yet another house?  Yep.  We've done it again.  Bought a house that needs lots of TLC.  We are getting sooo close to being *finished* (oh how that term is to be used loosely), but we have transformed our living room from this: this...
I love walking into this room.  I'm still in need of making curtains for in here...but every room in this house will always be a constant work in progress.  I guess you could call that my hobby.

We've also transformed the half bath from this lovely early 90's bathroom... a much more modern, bright and inviting toilet room.
Maddie has been such a big help throughout the whole process.  This little girl has grown up too fast!  
In the meantime, Thanksgiving happened too.
Maddie is all about supporting football entertainment.  Especially Johnny Football.  The Cotton Bowl this year is going to be a divided household this year.  

We participated in our tradition of running the Turkey Trot in Fort Worth.  And by "tradition", I mean it was our first year.  But we have high hopes of it happening every other year when we all meet up for the "Heine" Thanksgiving.  
And now we are in the season of Christmas.  Goodness it came fast this year.  But it is and always will be my favorite time of year.  I'm excited to start new traditions in our growing little family.  I'm excited to teach Maddie what Christmas is really all about.  I feel like having a child helps me refocus on what this holiday actually represents - the birth of our Savior.  I know she won't remember a lot this year, but I strongly believe it's important to emphasize from early on what's important and what's really not.  Though I do still have a fondness for trees and lights and stockings and Christmas music (which has been playing all day long in our house since the day after Thanksgiving).  

But as life has been so crazy lately, I didn't even want to put up our tree this year.  Yes, it's felt that overwhelming as of late.  But again, bad mom moment.  How could I do that for my child's first Christmas? So Matt surprised me with a day off of work last week and we put it up.  I'm pretty sure Maddie is ecstatic that we did.  Those lights and ornaments are just mesmerizing.
I am so blessed with this child.  I thank God every single day for such a beautiful, joyful gift.   Every day gets more exciting with her...


Scott and Adrian said...

Laura, your new home looks awesome! Wish you lived in Dallas and could come decorate mine. We are doing some remodeling. can I ask what paint color you used in the living room and where you got that awesome rug?!? Love it all!

Laura Moore said...

Thanks Adrian! The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl, but I went to Lowes and got them to match the color (it was a bit cheaper that way...). And the rug is from Pier 1. If I were in Dallas, I'd love to come decorate for you. :)

Lynn Cooper said...

I have so many comments to this post!

First, your living room is gorgeous! I love how bright everything is. Also, I ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot also with my Father-in-law...too bad we didn't see you! And little Maddie is beautiful!

And finally, you're doing so great at the transition. Its been fun to see you more at church!

Laura Moore said...

Thanks Lynn! I look forward to the day that our home is complete enough for company. :) Sad we missed you at the Trot, but there were millions of people, so I'm not surprised we didn't "run" into you. It was crazy town, but really fun! I love that we are in the same class at church too!

Amy, your sister said...

Just wait til next year... TWO years old and you won't have any ornaments on the lower half of your tree. That's right, your dear nephew has taken them all off and strewn them about the house... :) Oh well, I've definitely learned that having a boy at least (maybe you'll luck out cause you have a girl) means I won't have nice things again for 18 years! And I'm about to have TWO boys! I need a vacation... lol

Laura Moore said...

Amy, just think how much mom will love having us all over during the holidays. It will be bliss. Ha.