Tuesday, November 29, 2011

33 and 34 weeks

Now that I'm almost to week 36 (wahoo!) here are weeks 33 and 34 growth pictures. (again, I'm behind.)
At this point if Madelyn decides she's ready to come, the doctor said she wouldn't do anything to try to stop her.  Though I'd feel a bit more comfortable if she waited at least a couple more weeks (not another 6...though it'd probably be best if I mentally prepare for that to happen).  A Christmas to New Year's Eve baby would be awesome. 

As of right now:
  • Swimming is my favorite exercise.  I wish I had a lap pool a bit more convenient.  It's like I'm not even carrying this bowling ball around!
  • My hands are beyond swollen and my not sure if my hips can handle getting any bigger.
  • Maddie likes to squirm around - not so much punch me anymore.  Which is a nice change of pace.
  • Wondering if I'll ever fit back into my pre-baby jeans again...but oh so looking forward to sporting the rest of my closet again soon.
  • Trying to find a pediatrician, register at the hospital, pack the bag, write the birth plan, finish the nursery, train replacements at work, get all Christmas shopping done and shipped...there are so many things to prepare for!  But really all I can think about is holding my baby...
  • Getting tired easily again, but certainly soaking up those opportunities to sleep in.
  • Matt officially helps me put on my boots now when we leave the house.  Bending over is a thing of the past and with 33 inches of snow the past 3 weeks, boots are a must.
  • I'm not really sure I understand the concept of some women who say they felt their prettiest while pregnant.   I understand pregnancy is a beautiful blessing, but the whole feeling physically attractive thing - nope.  Thankfully it doesn't last forever.
  • Anxiously awaiting Madelyn's arrival!! ...over 8 months and counting...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Alaska baby luncheon

I'm a tad behind in posting life as of late. 

A few weeks ago, my sweet friends here in Anchorage hosted a small lunch/dessert/spoil me rotten shower.  The four of us have been getting together since the beginning of the year and just share life together.  They have been a huge blessing to me during this transition of moving all the way across the country and now as Matt and I embark on this new journey of parenthood. While us ladies talked all things baby, the husbands enjoyed an afternoon of football and eatting.  
Nicole, me, Sayward and Anne

Opening gifts and photo op with Anne!  They certainly went overboard. 
I felt sincerely loved.

The yummy treats during gifts.  Good thing I am pregnant and feel more or less guilt free indulging.

We even had a family of moose join us right outside the window. 
Until our mean neighbor lady opened her door and starting throwing things at them.
Haven't seen them since:(.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maternity Pictures

Back in early October when we were in Texas, my mom arranged to get some family photos done.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled that she decided that after 15 years since our last family photos she decided it was important to get them done while I was 28 weeks pregnant.  However this did give Matt and I a great opportunity to get Michael Hansen (a photographer from her church) to quickly take a few maternity pictures for us in addition. 

Then Matt and I attempted to get a few of our current habitat about 33 weeks.  Sadly, the shoot didn't last long as the single digit temps kept killing the camera battery.  But such the difference between Texas and Alaska.  We are almost at a record snow fall for November.  33 inches so far.  Good thing I love the snow (and notice I said snow, not below freezing temps)!

Friday, November 11, 2011

nursery coming together

Matt and I have been working on finishing up the nursery.  We just have little things left, but time is running short as the holidays approach and we are already 33 weeks!  Wahoo!  Here's a little update of what has been completed.

Remember this TV cabinet we bought off Craigslist? 
It is all finished!  It's probably my favorite piece in the nursery.  Matt painted it, added magnetic strips so the doors would close, built in a shelf (to alleviate the open TV space), and added handles.
Here's an up close of the handles I found at Anthropology while in Seattle.  They go perfect with the nursery.
And inside, in case you were curious, of course.  I found the baskets at a craft store for half off.  I'm kinda an organizational nerd, so the baskets make me happy.  One is full of hats. And one of little shoes.  Sometimes I just rummage through them to bring a little joy to my day.
 And you might remember these prints I found on esty?
They are finally framed and hung above the piano.  I also hung the banner and the "M" my sister made for Madelyn for the baby shower in Texas.  So proud of her craftiness. :)  Also displayed is my Le Mutt, a prized toy from my childhood that has seen better days. 
I also made this wreath for the nursery. Clearly I'm getting a little antsy for Maddie to get here so I'm making up projects to keep myself preoccupied.  I still don't know where it'll be hung.
And a bookshelf which matches the toy chest we found at a garage sale that Matt painted.  I'm pretty sure this bookshelf was found in one of our college dorm rooms at some point.  But that plywood all painted sure does make a great display for all the books Maddie has (and quite a cheap option, since we already had the paint).
I will eventually have a post to show the whole room.  But only when it's all done.  I'm currently working on a baby book...when that's finished...who knows.  Got any ideas?

Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm clearly a southern girl, because all this snow still fasinates me.  We have gotten a ton of it the last week or so.  We are having to go buy Matt some knee high boots so he can take Mocha out.  It's that much.  But it is beautiful.  And as long as I'm not out in the single digit temps, I greatly enjoy it. :) We didn't get nearly this much at this point in the year last year. 
The first night of snow.  About 11 inches. And still coming down.

I love fires.  Matt chopped all this for us.  I love him too.
Did I mention a little snow?  And this pile will continue to grow until they haul it off in a dump truck. 
In additional to garbage dumps in down, we also have snow dumps. Lots that hold all the unwanted snow from the streets.  It's still a new concept to me. 

Have I mentioned Mocha also loves the snow?  It is beyond difficult to get her to come inside.  How does she not get cold?  I wish she could give me some of those genes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter is here

My puffy maternity coat that makes me look 300lbs, my fur Uggs and all the scarfs and gloves we own have come to use.  It is officially winter.  We have gotten our first snow storm and on average it's about mid-20s throughout the day.  Jealous?

This is after the first snow.  The blur is Mocha. She loves the snow...hence the inability to keep her still for this picture.  She's a tad excited about the white stuff on the ground. I think it's about 9am in this picture and still kinda dark.  The days are getting so short now.  My least favorite part.

Here we are Halloween night.  We had a fall festival of sorts up at the church.  Our small group passed out candy - in the parking lot.  Fun tradition, but makes it interesting when it's blizzardy and freezing.  The snow was coming in full force - beautiful, but cold.  Those poor kiddos trying to show off their costumes looked miserable.
 And just to give you a little glimpse of what I'm used to: here is my cute nephew Wesley all dressed up for his fall festival.  I think that might be a drop of sweat running down his forehead. 
I miss warmth.