Monday, February 27, 2012

bundled up

Now that it's still light outside when Matt get homes from work (yay!), we occasionally go on a family walk.  However it requires a bit of preparation to get this going.

I mean how cute are we? I eyed this little outfit my whole pregnancy and Matt bought it for us for Christmas.  Maddie is finally starting to fit into it's 3 mo size.
 She's getting so big with such a little personality.
Since Anchorage has gotten almost 9 feet of snow this winter, the city is running out of places for it to go.  This is one of multiple (maybe 10-15) piles of snow on the streets and yards throughout our neighborhood.  It's almost 2 stories tall in areas.  At least it's not on our driveways anymore.
I'm also putting to use my maternity coat still.  It's turned out to be a good purchase.  It wraps around Maddie all bundled up in her Ergo carrier on the few occasions we brave the outdoors.  
I did notice that it's supposed to get to almost 80 this week in Texas.  Please enjoy it for me if you are currently residing there.  We, on the other hand, are guessed it...some more snow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Can I just brag on my husband for just a minute?  I'm not sure how any woman can do thing called motherhood alone.  I'm thankful God put such a wonderful man in my life to help me adjust to it.  Here are a few of the things Matt has done to help make motherhood a little easier for me in the last 7 weeks:
  • The first few weeks, I pumped so he could take the first feeding at night.  Allowing me at least a few hours of continual sleep. 
  • Though he had to go back to work soon after, he came home at lunch to let me take a shower.
  • We went to the mall to walk a couple weeks in and he knew I'd been wanting a hair cut.  So he offered to walk Maddie around while I got pampered - his idea.
  • He changes her diapers so I don't have to get out of bed before feeding her.
  • He offers to bottle feed all night on occasion so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep!
  • He works so incredibly hard to provide for us that I don't have to worry about it and can stay home.
  • He didn't complain that it took me 7 weeks to actually cook dinner.
  • And doesn't complain when he has to start laundry because I haven't gotten to it.
  • He walks Mocha in the freezing cold each morning and night so I can stay inside and toasty with our babe.
  • He prays over us each morning before he goes to work and each night before we go to bed.
  • He makes me feel beautiful even though I can't fit into any of my old clothes and quite possibly have spit up on me at all times.
  • He is a great father.  It never gets old to see him loving on our baby girl.
I'm glad I have this man to journey in this life with.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tough Adjustment

Remember this other member of our family?
Oh Mocha, how you are still loved, but probably a bit more neglected these days.

She had a really tough time adjusting to the newest addition to our family.  I was a bit concerned that would happen, but not prepared for the extent.  I had read that a day before you bring the wee one home from the hospital you should put a blanket that the baby had been wrapped up with in the dog's bed to sleep with so they get accustomed to their scent.  Beyond that I had no idea how to help.

We were gone a total of 3 nights (1 in L&D and 2 nights in recovery).  It may have had something to do with the fact that I labored at home for 3 days and then didn't come home for 3 days - and she's slightly attached/protective of me - combined with the fact that she's terrified of babies.  Once when we babysat, Mocha hid underneath the table almost the whole time.

So when we arrived home after the hospital, Mocha was not herself.  She was actually completely limp and wouldn't move.  Not only did I have this new tiny baby, was a tad bit tired and sore, probably a little hormonal...but now I had my precious pup falling apart.  I was a mess.

Naturally I called our friends who knew a vet - of whom I called about 9pm at his home.  Thank you kind sir.  He said she was probably just overly stressed and needed time to adjust.  I just laid on the ground with her that night...and tried not to cry.

Thankfully she slowly snapped out of it and has since returned to her peppy self again.  I would say it took a good few weeks though.  We make sure she had a safe place away from Maddie so she can escape when she needs.  And I do my best to give her some lovin' when I have a spare hand.

And now I think she's starting to take a liking to this cute new addition.  At least her courage is up to get a bit curious...  
...and hang around to watch over her...
She comes barking at me anytime Maddie cries - either very concerned or annoyed and wanting me to quiet her.  At least she doesn't go running under the table anymore.

Matt looks forward to the day that Maddie will be able to ride Mocha like a horse.  Just so you know, I don't promote that.  But I do look forward to them chasing each other around.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just another day

It's snowing outside again.  Will it ever end?

Do you get tired of looking of pictures of my baby?  Sorry.  Ok...not really.  I'm afraid I'm going to miss some stage and kick myself later, so I might be going overboard on documentation.  Plus, my life currently revolves around this little person.  But I'm not complaining.  She's pretty great.
This is our nightly routine after dinner.  Matt cuddles with her on the couch until she falls asleep.  I am often asleep on the other side.  Then we wake her up for one last feeding right before I really go to bed and she sleeps for (usually) 4-5 hours.  Of course now that I say that, she'll probably change it up on me tonight.
This is our morning ritual.  We lay in bed together and laugh.  Maddie is such a morning person. Goodness, I love her.

I especially love it when she pees on me while I'm wearing the only pair of pants that currently fit as we are walking out the door.  What to do?  Get out the hairdryer.  Yes, this has happened on more than one occasion.  It is what it is.

I'm realizing my days are not as thrilling as they used to be.  At least to outsiders.  And I'm fully aware that my blog is currently all baby now and might be lacking in entertainment value.  But I love my baby-filled days.  I'm pretty sure I'd pick this over some crazy adventure.  It's amazing how a little life can change a person.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

I love Valentine's Day.  Well ever since I met the love of my life (before that I can't say I was thrilled about the occasion).  I really wanted to make some pretty cupcakes to celebrate, but then I realized...who am I kidding?  I was lucky to put a little make-up on today.  

Matt and I never really do anything big.  This year will involve dinner at home and some yummy strawberry shortcake while watching Parenthood (my favorite x2).  Maybe not the most extravagant celebration, but a newborn changes things up a bit.  This past weekend we did get all dressed up to attend a benefit gala together - our first night away from Madelyn.  I am thankful for friends who I trust to keep her alive while we go out on the town. :) I lasted less than 2 hours until I was ready to leave and pick up my baby.  I'm easing into it.
(maybe the most beautiful flowers I've ever received)
Besides, it doesn't hurt to have another excuse to take pictures of the cutest little girl ever.  Our sweet neighbor gave her this "my first Valentine's" outfit.  I don't have a picture of it, but there is a big red heart on the butt - too cute.  I had to squeeze her into it because she's almost outgrown all her newborn clothes!  As much as I want her to stay little forever, I'm certainly ready for her to be sleeping through the night.  Technically she has as she's made it to 5 hours on a few occasions - but in my book I'm waiting for that 10-12 hours to kick in. :)  What is that much sleep like again?
I wish I could say Maddie wears bows in her hair all the time.  But more than 5 minutes with one on quickly turns into tears.  However, they do make for cute pictures.
 Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! ... hallmark holiday and all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Real winter adventures

Wonder what life is like during an Alaskan winter with a newborn?  Just the last 10 days involved....

Driving in a blizzard/white out conditions to meet a friend at the indoor track to walk with Maddie, realizing there is no way I'll be able to push the stroller through the foot of snow that just came down nor be able to carry it all inside.  So I jump in the back seat, realize she needs a diaper change, do that in my lap then bundle her up in the Ergo carrier, jump through the snow piles, feet soaking wet to walk in circles inside because that's the best/only option to stretch the legs.  Before we leave she decides she needs to eat, so I spend the next 30 minutes sitting on the 6in ledge of the lockers in the nasty bathroom trying to feed before running back out to the car in even more snow, scraping the ice/snow off the windshield in order to drive back out in the blizzard to go home before Maddie wakes up.  Things I do for exercise.

Taking Mocha for a walk (to give Matt a break) with snow coming up over my knee-high boots just to encounter a moose in which I freak out and take off in the other direction leaving Mocha behind to fend for herself.  At least I got my heart rate up.

Watching my husband knock off 8ft icicles from our roof by hanging outside our upstairs window.

Excitedly trying to go to the gym on a Saturday morning while Matt is on baby duty just to get my car stuck in the snow on 3 different occasions because it can't clear the large snow piles on the road and parking spots.  Thus turning around to come home. Workout less.

Bottoming out as I pull out of the garage because my car can't clear the gigantic ice mound outside the garage door.

Getting stuck on the single highway into town for over an hour because of avalanche blasts - thus requiring another diaper change and feeding on the side of the road.

It warming up to a balmy 40 degrees outside one day and watching people walk around in shorts and t-shirts...I guess it was an entire 50 degrees warmer than it had been most of January.

...oh how I look forward to May when the snow is finally gone...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Was I just on TV?

Why yes, it appears I was.  Of course I was being made fun of...but some people gotta take what they can get when it comes to their moment of fame.  Due to some people letting me know via Facebook, I discovered I was on the Jay Leno headlines last night.  Apparently my maiden-married name is funny.  Of course I knew maiden name has let me know that my whole life.

I just want to know who held on to that announcement for over 2.5 years and decided to submit it to Jay Leno now?

At least it was a good picture. :)

Cloth Diapers

They are here.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered them and they have arrived.  The cloth diapers.  
Am I a dork because I'm slightly excited about this?  Matt is fully on board now that he has realized exactly how many diapers such a small person can go through on a daily basis.  And those suckers are not cheap.

It's a good thing Maddie loves her changing table.  Or more specifically her toy giraffe.  Sometimes she gets upset when I take her away.
I'm pretty sure I still have a lot to learn about this cloth diapering thing.  Good thing I'll get lots of practice. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

one month

My baby is one month old!  This month has been busy. A blur actually.  We had my mom (Marmie) visit for a week and we just said goodbye to the whole Moore gang (Nana, Papa and Aunt Amanda) a couple days ago.  We are blessed to have family that loves us and goes out of their way to visit and meet such a special little person.  I cannot wait to introduce her to the rest of her aunts and great grandparents in a couple months!

Now my goal is to find a "routine" - as possible as that might be with a newborn.  With the bitter cold outside and the desire to not go stir crazy, it's important for me to find reasons to leave the house.  I went to visit a neighbor a few days ago and it was a ridiculous process to get Maddie bundled up to just go a few feet.  Oh the ordeals associated with living in Alaska.

I've recently been introduced to an indoor track in town.  They give a discount of $5 for moms with kids to promote healthy lifestyle.  It's strange to pay $5 to walk in circles, but it sure feels good to get out and active.  Matt and I also have arranged where he'll keep Maddie a couple times a week during his lunch so I can work out at the gym in his office (old jeans, here I come).  I'm also starting a BSF Bible study one morning a week, hopefully a good way to meet some other stay-at-home mom's.   And you know, that whole trying to get enough sleep thing also comes in to play.

Well here are Maddie's one month photos.  Maybe it's just me, but she seems so much bigger already (even though it took her 3 weeks to make it back to "birth weight").  She's such a happy, healthy little girl.  We are so very blessed. 
Maddie is getting so much better at feeding.  She hates a dirty diaper.  Loves being held...and still not a fan of not being held.  She is so attentive and loves to just stare into my eyes.  In the last week or so has starting responding with smiles - the. best.
She is a squirmy one.  Loves to kick her legs and throw her arms around.  She found her hands day one and hasn't stopped sucking on them.  Her Ergo carrier is awesome - creates instant nap time and frees up both of my hands.
Can I get enough of her yet?  Nope.
And just for comparison's sake...