Friday, June 5, 2009

15 more days!

Time flies! I didn't think it would ever get here and now it's just 2 short weeks away. Last weekend I moved all my stuff into Matt's house. One never realizes how much crap they have until they have to move it - a wise proverb once learned. But we successfully moved all my stuff into the back bedroom of Matt's house in just one short day. It worked out well to marry a man with a large truck. I was severely disappointed in myself when I realized that I had boxes upon boxes of who knows what stacked up, when I prided myself on being simplistic and not having a lot...dang it. Needless to say, the following day I threw out (aka-donated) so much stuff that I had been saving til the day I got a house. A little ironic. I sure am glad that I have been hauling that stuff around for the past several years and oh so many moves!

But I do have to say that moving everything to Matt's made me get so excited! I think until now getting married was so far off and was just a waiting game. I realized that in just a few more weeks I get to be married to an incredible man! And I cannot wait to build a home with him! I've looked forward to that since I was a little girl. I no longer just rent out a bedroom, now I get to actually build a home for my family. :) I'm a little excited. Matt is too...just not so much about all the decorating ideas I have in store for his bachelor pad. But I think he'll grow to like it. :)

Now my days are filled with trips to Hobby Lobby, making plans and filling in all the details. Though I can't really say I'm relaxing on my summer vacation, it sure is better than work. I'll take this any day!