Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day at Fingerlake

This past beloved 3 day weekend we were able to spend with some good friends at a lake.  The weather was beautiful (although I did make the bold mistake to wear shorts, and I ended up freezing the whole time) - oh how my summers are different now!  Our friends Anne and Chad have an adoptive family up here in Alaska who have a wonderful house on a lake in Palmer with a big dock and fun toys to play with.  Matt and I ventured out there for the day with Nicole and Jared (and few others), ate way too much food, wore Mocha out (she actually took off running to hide when she realized it was time to go and she is still catching up on sleep today...3 days later), and just enjoyed "getting away" that didn't include a 6+ hour flight somewhere. 
Part of the gang soaking up the sun

Matt and I relaxing...with Archie, Mocha's love

Getting some fishing in.  Mocha loves being involved.
Chad caught us dinner...literally.  It was on the grill within hours.
We also learned how to gut and prepare fresh fish.  I think I might stick to letting someone else do that part, but glad to know I'd be able to survive if I get lost in the wilderness someday.

Anne and her "lap dog", Hank
Nicole and Jared enjoying the canoe

Matt learning how to row boat. It looks a lot more romantic in the movies.

Mocha got sad that we left her and took off swimming for us all the way to the middle of the lake. Thankfully she made it back to shore before she drowned! Poor dog. Thought we were leaving her.

I guess you can't get those views on a lake in the south.

This is Mocha pouting when it was time to go.
Hope you had a good Memorial day weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

another year older

I have been unmotivated to update lately - to say the least.  But alas, my birthday happened, so at least I have a few pictures to share from that. 

Matt did a great job - my birthday occurred on a Monday of this year (terrible day if you ask me) - so we celebrated the Saturday before.  It started off with a morning with a handful of girlfriends who have been a huge blessing to me.  We share breakfast and basically half of our Saturday once a month just hanging out, sharing life, and praying for each other.  They provide the much needed encouragement I have been in desperate need of since arriving in Anchorage.

Matt then installed a new front door (with the help of the husbands of these particular ladies), a huge step in the current remodel project of our arctic entry way.  Which previously reminded me of a dungeon, but is on it's way to becoming a bright welcoming place for all our guests and their shoes.  (That post will come soon enough.)

Matt and I attended a movie - Something Borrowed - cute, but maybe a renter.  And then we headed to pick up a couple frames I have been wanting for our living area and to dinner downtown. 

I love breaking out of the box when we eat out, which is not that often.  So Matt took me to one of the fanciest restaurants in town (there aren't that many).  Alaska is casual to the extreme.  Sometimes I feel funny wearing heels, much more a dress around town or even to church.  I know I should just be confident and bold, but rather I gravitate on the side of blending in.  But here I could have worn a dress and heels and looked normal.  Anyways, the restaurant, Crow's Nest, is at the top of one of the big hotels downtown, Captain Cook.  We had a window side table of the views of the mountains.  I loved the atmosphere and company, but there is a reason we are not frequent fine diners.

I got the fresh salmon (which was delicious!) but the side consisted of beets.  I would have preferred something more tasty.  But the plate looks fancy, huh?
Matt on the other hand ordered the tomato salad that was on special that evening...which he thought was a green salad topped with tomatoes.  Nope, it was literally a sliced tomato topped with raspberry sorbet.  Ice cream, really?  At least he was excited he got free dessert. :)  And the crab cakes consisted of one crab cake, which he was so kind as to share a bite with me.  (maybe too much detail?)
When we got home, Matt treated me to a birthday cake he made all by himself.  He definitely gets brownie points for that one.  But there is a reason I do most of the baking around here... :)
He also gave me this beautiful cross necklace as displayed in the picture of me above.  I love it and will wear it every day.

Then on Monday the sweet girls at work surprised me with flowers and a balloon for my actual birthday. And my boss let me leave a couple hours early, in which I went home and curled up on the couch with a movie.    
All in all, it was a great birthday.  Even though I'm that much closer to 30...