I strive for my life to glorify God.  I was born in Texas.  I am blessed with a family who loves me.  I have 3 sisters.  I moved a lot growing up.  I have the best rescue dog named Mocha.  I am married to an incredible man.  His name is Matt.  We met in Houston.  We currently live in Alaska.  We just had our first baby girl.  Her name is Maddie.  She's incredible.  God has blessed me with some amazing friendships.  I worked full-time outside the home.  Now I work full-time from the confines of my home.  I love to be active.  I like to decorate my house and make it our home.  I'm kind of a clean freak.  Clutter stresses me out.  I like to read.  I'm definitely a homebody.  I try to just take each day as it comes.  Life is full of surprises - sometimes good, sometimes not.  But God is faithful and I can trust Him.  Which certainly makes all these choices in life easier to make and the unknown not so scary.