Monday, January 7, 2013

Madelyn turns ONE!

My baby girl turned one year old last week.  One year ago, our lives forever changed when that precious little one entered the world.  I didn't know I could love someone so deeply.  I didn't realize that someone so small could motivate me to be a better woman.  Seek God more.  Use my time more wisely.  Love my husband deeper.  Desire a healthier lifestyle.  Or live on so little sleep.  Being a mom has changed me.  Our little Madelyn makes me smile every single day.  Sometimes at night I don't want to put her down to sleep in her own crib because I don't want to be away from her.  I'm one of those moms.  And not ashamed.

So of course, we held a little birthday party to honor her first year of life.  It turned out wonderfully.  She was loved on by family and a handful of friends.  I was just going to do something "little" and then I couldn't stop with the details.  For about a month I put things together during nap time or while she played on the floor next to me.  I hoped it'd all come together on the big day - sometimes it's questionable that what's in my head is in reality what it'll be like.  I can't promise she'll have such a homemade birthday party again either.

Maddie's personal smash cake
(I made it with a loaf pan, cut in half and stacked)

a party is not a party without food
plus, we got to enjoy our new kitchen!

delicious chicken salad found here

We put together a little ball pit for the kiddos, using bags of balls (found at Target) and an old kid pool Matt's parents had hidden in their attic.  It was such a hit!

I vowed to not raise a girly girl.  And now she's wearing a tutu.
But she seriously looks too cute.  I even made a cute hair bow, but she refuses to wear them anymore.  :(

Blessed with so many great gifts.  Maddie just sat there in my lap the whole time and closely watched each gift be presented to her (not too interested in opening them herself).  Such a little lady.

Maddie's first sugar.  I thought about going all healthy on her cake, but decided she only turns 1 once.
It took her a few minutes to realize she could eat it, but then she went to town!
What a sweet day for our little girl.  I put together a little video of many of the pictures and videos we have taken through the year and showed it to our party goers.  It's amazing how much change can happen in just a short year.   I thank God every single day for such a wonderful gift He's blessed us with.  Happy birthday, Madelyn Grace!