Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday party

Have you ever had to go to an event and have no idea what to wear? Well, this has happened to me a couple times - one in particular this last weekend.

As a teacher, we don't really get work Christmas parties, but thankfully I get to live vicariously through Matt and his work. I've been pretty excited about this for awhile. So, I had Matt forward me the invitation so I could figure out what to wear - a crucial aspect of the evening. Stated on the invite it says:

"Business Holiday Attire"

Now, what in the heck does that mean?!? Well, google didn't know and I didn't know either, so I once again bugged Matt to figure out what his co-workers and their wives were wearing (mistake #1). He came back to tell me "gowns...or dresses". That means fancy, right? I was hoping so, b/c I have this dress I wanted to wear anyways - a red cocktail dress. So I didn't think much more about it (mistake #2). Well, I spend quite a bit of time primping and getting all dolled up before the big night, excited about getting to get all fancy for something. We drive out to the location, for a night of dinner and dancing - even an open bar and live band! (so I thought)

Well...we pull up and guess what I notice...

all the women are wearing pants!!!!

Yes, pants and big embroidered snowmen sweaters! Classic. And here is me with my hair all done up, black heels - and did I mention I'm wearing a bright red cocktail dress?! I was not too happy. I actually really wanted to go home or at least stay in the car for the evening. A nightmare! We went straight to the buffet - and I didn't take my coat off until we sat down, so I could try to disguise my overdressed, embarrassed self. We sat and ate and talked with his friends. I tried to impress as I met his bosses and managers. Though I can't say that I'm good with that. Just smiled and nodded.

Then the music began...played by the DJ - not a live band. Oh well...not a big deal, except for the fact that the DJ was terrible!! I am not exaggerating. He struggled getting and keeping people on the dance floor...even with free alcohol floating around the place. Like, he'd finally get a crowd out there for a song and then would play a completely terrible song like Brittney of course everyone would sit down. It was ridiculous. I honestly don't know what was so challenging about the situation for him. Play good songs = People will dance.

There was a couple that came and joined us at the table that nobody really knew. I start talking with another girl at our table who also happened to be a teacher. We are discussing work and some difficulties of our particular schools and so forth, when the man next to me asks what school I teach at. I say it's a small charter school that nobody has heard of, and he pressed the question. Well, guess what...I come to find out that his daughter goes there. I knew he looked familiar! What are the odds? Seriously!? Great.

Oh least there were door prizes. I encouraged Matt to let us stay til the bitter end in hopes that we would win something...we waited...and waited...and waited...there were basically 10% of the people left at the end (b/c the DJ was that bad) so I thought our odds were pretty good. But no. No door prizes for us...and several wasted hours of listening to ridiculous music.

What an evening! Though, I can say that I ended up really having fun and it was amusing at any rate. I enjoyed meeting the people he works with - they were really sweet. It was nice to put faces with names. I'd go least next time I'll have a better idea of what to wear! :)

This is when Matt and I joined Caitlin and Karl for "White Christmas"

This is us at the party. Being all dressed up at least deserved a picture!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I went home this past week for more days than I think I've been home in years. It was fun and I got to go shopping with my mom for 2 days straight, and almost have all of my Christmas shopping done (and a few things for myself, oops).
our annual Christmas card picture
the whole family
(literally...this picture contains the entire guest list of Caitlin's side of the family for the wedding)

my grandparents - 50 years later