Wednesday, April 9, 2008

baby steps

It's amazing when the purpose in so many of life's circumstances become clear. Rarely it's in the moment, but like the old saying goes - hindsight is always 20/20. Lately, even though life has been crazy, I think I have been blessed with the answer for many of the "whys" of the past. And maybe not the complete answer, because really, I don't deserve the complete answer, but nothing happens for absolutely no reason. Yes, some things can effect you in a negative way - for just a time or sadly for the rest of your life, it's your decision - but you also have the choice to do good with it and let God use it. I wouldn't even say I'm thinking about one specific circumstance in my life right now, but just the journey I have been on so only the 24 years I've been here. Whether it's the challenges, joys, trials, sadness, experiences, relationships, or whatever -- it shapes who you's shaped who I am...and is always used in preparation for what is to come. God's cool like that. He has a path laid out in front of me, and I can rarely even see the next step, but at least I can look back on where I've been and see how and why I have gotten exactly where I am today. And I think that is what increases our faith. Even when God or circumstances don't make sense, we can trust that eventually it will make sense.