Saturday, January 26, 2008

peace like a river

"then your peace would have been like a river" (Is. 48:18)

It's amazing how you can read something a million times, and then one day it just has a new meaning...and makes sense. I guess that's what's cool about the depths of the Word. I think for the past couple years, i have searched and longed for that "peace" that the Bible talks about. And recently a lightbulb has gone off that maybe, just maybe, my definitions of certain things that I long for might just be thwarted. Peace being one of them.

When i think of people that appear peaceful, I think of calm, ho-hum, happy. BUT God describes having peace like a river. A river. One of my favorite things is to be outside and to seek out bodies of water and just sit - especially waterfalls. I love them. Something about them just brings me a sense of...peace. :) Rivers have all different pieces - places of being stagnent, slightly flowing, rapidly moving, and finally reaching its destination. In Colorado, I remember doing a scouting trip to some lakes found in the tops of the mountains. After hiking this rough trail (and getting slightly turned around), we finally got there and came across this swamp land, filled with mosquitos. Sick. Thank goodness, that wasn't our final destination. We then came upon this huge, beautiful half-frozen over lake. Maybe one of the coolest places I've ever gotten to see. On our way back down we followed the river down the side of the mountain, and came across a few waterfalls. This is where we would fill up our waterbottles, because here water runs over huge boulders, rocks and gets purifed. To me, waterfalls end up being one of the most beautiful parts of creation.

Sometimes, my life seems like that nasty swamp. Where nothing seems to happening, there are pestering "mosquitos" - just blah. Other times life sometimes resembles that beautiful lake - still, easy, and wonderful. Then, more than often, it seems life resembles those waterfalls where life is throwing us around, but the outcome is purity. But through it all, there can be peace. And that is what I want.

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Jen Lewis said...

I love this post! Something about it reminds me of something I read recently. ;)