Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cross country skiing

A popular winter activity in Anchorage is cross country skiing.  With all the trails running through the city, it is easy to get out and ski for an hour after work to get in some exercise and enjoy the snow.  Matt and I had never tried it before, so once again we opted to rent and test it out. There are just so many different types of activities, we are having to pick and chose what to invest our time and money on (which is quite challenging when everything is new and unfamiliar).
Photo op...while enjoying the view
Thankfully some friends were heading out and offered to help us learn.  It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon with fresh snow on the ground.  Perfect conditions.  We headed to Continental Trail (where we have gone biking on multiple occasions) and enjoyed the views, exercise and company for a good couple hours.

The technique is similar to a walking motion where you pick up your heel and glide. It takes some balance, energy and certainly some getting used to the movement of your feet.  There are groomed trails that have the ruts already provided which makes it easier to stay in proper form.  However, it can be done anywhere there is snow.
This is a groomed trail on the right, you can see the ruts for your skis.
Beautiful, huh?

All the girls!

Some good friends, Jared and Nicole
(notice the sign behind them:) )
No conclusion on if we will run out and buy some cross country skis, but it is certainly on the long list of toys we want...that seems to just keep growing...

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