Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodbyes are hard

Our house is currently in boxes and packed away in crates on it's way down to Houston.  Matt has started his new job and we have moved into our friend, David's, guest room.  Now if only we could find a house.  House #3 doesn't look promising after inspections so we are back to the drawing board of house hunting.  This has been an emotional ride.  And rather exhausting.
one last look at our living room

But before we took our final flight out of Alaska (at least for awhile, I hope to bring Maddie back one day and introduce her to her home state), Matt and I had an eventful weekend finishing up chores, running errands and saying goodbye to all the friends God has blessed us within the short 2 years we lived up in Alaska.  We had dinners and parties in our honor.  We certainly felt loved.  

The biggest thing Matt and I prayed for when we moved to Alaska was community.  We didn't know a single person within 1,000s of miles.  When I filled out paperwork for my new job, my local emergency contact besides Matt was our realtor.  We were that alone.  

But God quickly answered our prayers.  And He gave us incredible community.  I'm not a type of person that has (or needs) tons of friends.  I usually have a handful of close friends and I'm completely content.  Maybe that's my introverted side.  But either way, I hate goodbyes.  So it wasn't a fun weekend in that regard.

We met the majority of our friends at our church and most are recent "transports" to Alaska like us.  These ladies were such a blessing when I desperately needed a friend!   None of us had any family in Alaska so we became our own small family.  I love these ladies and am going to miss them dearly!

So many people impacted us in our time in Alaska.  It's crazy to think we are about to start yet another chapter.  I pray yet again that God will continue to bless us with meaningful, encouraging friendships...

...and a house to call our own.

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