Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If you ignore a problem long enough...will it eventually just go away?

So I saw a velour tracksuit at a store in the mall recently. Should they be selling those anymore? hm...there's a reason things should go out of style...

I've been thinking about relationships lately - whether it be with friends, parents, co-workers, acquaintances, a "special someone", etc - and how people come in and out and sometimes even back into your life. I think for everyone, especially in my life, God definitely gives and takes away relationships. Some are ripped out of my life, some gradually fade away, some can pick up right where they left off, and some just continue to grow closer. I have realized there are few relationships that really continue all of life...and that those require great effort on both sides, especially as paths separate. Relationships may require the most energy in any part of life. Probably because we are all so selfish, so we have to actually humble ourselves and think about it from another person's perspective - for there are always two sides to any story. But I don't want to take for granted or get lazy in those "life-long" relationships, I want to be proactive. If that means going to see them during situations that are not ideal, bearing with them through a funk, and/or continually forgiving them - I will, even if little in me wants to. Some people I was born into a life with, others I chose to live life with - either way, I do want them to stick around. And usually, that's up to me - even when the times get rough.

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