Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my 2009 (thus far)

I realize it's been over 3 months since I last posted. And after several "friendly reminders" - and a day off work due to flooding in the area (no complaints here) :) - here I go...

2009 has seemed kinda a whirlwind thus far. That's probably why I've been MIA. So, here is my attempt to catch you up a bit:

January 25: I got ENGAGED to an incredible man! You can check out the story at our wedding website Life has been a lot about planning, preparing and being excited about what's to come! :) (as I will try to get better about writing...that maybe all I say about this right now)

February 2: My older sister got engaged! Yep folks - that's 3/4 of the Heine girl's getting married! Crazy? yes. Never anticipated it all happening at the same time, but God works in mysterious ways! My poor mother. And as for Kelsey...well, we have a rule she can't get married for several years to come (sorry fellas!). :)

March 15: Sarah and I headed to Chicago to visit Elise. She lives in the cutest little apartment while going to law school up there. We did many of the touristy things with a wonderful guide (thanks Elise) and successfully distracted her from school work. Walked up and down Michigan Avenue and got drinks at the top of the John Hancock Center (that was my favorite part). It was cold and windy! And it is a different life taking the subway everywhere you go. No traffic which is a very nice idea! Why doesn't Houston have any kind of system like this?
April 10: Cruise with the family. The last Heine girl vacation before our last names become something else. It was a blast. We had never been on a vacation like this before with the 5 of us, nor had I been on a cruise at all. We headed to great and relaxing as it was (yay for inside cabins with no windows or concept of time of day!) I think I might not be the biggest cruise person, as my favorite day was onshore when we went ATV riding and snorkeling at a private beach with a private guide (b/c everyone else in our group was too tired to go, so Caitlin, Kelsey and I got our own personal 2 guides).

April 24: Annual college roommate reunion in San Antonio. This is such a fun time to get together from all our different places - from Dallas to Houston to Washington state and married to having babies to becoming
lawyers - and catch up on life. Though it seems just yesterday, it's amazing to look back and see everything that has happened in our lives. We headed to Sea World and having out at Fiesta and the River walk.

As for what's to come, well we have a couple graduations, a few weddings, many trips out of town, showers, and did I mention summer vacation? ...just have to keep you posted (or try). :)

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