Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Beginnings

I am officially no longer a "Heine", but now a "Moore" (well, as soon as I figure out how to change my name on everything)...but in theory I am. :) And I am married to the most amazing man - definitely worth the wait!

Just married over 2 1/2 short weeks ago! It was a beautiful wedding and better than I ever anticipated. Though it seemed to go so fast, it almost feels like I showed up, said a few words and left. I wish I had more pictures to post for you, but I'm just going to have to steal a few from facebook friends until we get the ones from the photographer back.
Then I went on the best honeymoon. We went to this little fishing village of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Our week included a couple massages, a free penthouse upgrade, some horseback riding, getting hit by a hurricane, ATVs, zip lines, a couple boats (which included much needed buckets for the ill) and the best dinner atmosphere and food on the beach each night. I wouldn't mind celebrating every anniversary there. :)

When we arrived back in Houston, Matt was able to take a week off of work and we worked on our first home. Ok, so Matt lived there previous to even meeting me, but he was gracious enough to let me put some personal touches on the place to make it ours. Here are the first couple rooms "re-done". Amazing what a couple coats of paint can do!

Our new dining room set (room not painted...yet:) )

And now next week, I get to head back to Fort Worth to celebrate Caitlin's new beginnings with Karl! Crazy summer...

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Christine and Matt said...

I love your blog, Laura! And congrats to you and your new husband. :) Glad to hear you guys are doing well!