Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Job, please!

It's funny how life takes you on unexpected turns - like right back where you started. Over the last several months, I have been debating, praying, applying, interviewing and experiencing much unneeded stress (and it seems endless talks with my poor husband who sweetly sits there and listens and tries to help)...just to end up back where I started.

So, for all of those that were wondering, I have officially decided that I am returning to my previous job, doing the same thing (in addition to learning how to teach social studies along with my previous schedule) at the same place (but a different and unfortunately further commute) - but I feel completely at peace about it. I was SURE 3 months ago that I was going to head in a different direction job wise...and now I'm confident that I need to stay put. Amazing how that happens. How God can change your heart very unexpectedly. I guess He knew that I needed to venture out - to find nothing better - to know that He will draw me back, in His timing and unique ways, reassured I made the right decision.

*For those of you out there who are currently looking for a job, I have complete sympathy as I know that it is very exhausting and often discouraging. I think I would rather break my leg than have to go to another interview and try to sell myself. Ugh.

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