Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Newly discovered perk

I'm learning the oh-so-many perks of teaching (b/c I have decided to solely focus on the positives of the job that I am walking into for the next nine months):

1. Summers off. I could stop there, but I will continue...

2. 2-week Christmas break

3. Discount at my gym, 24-hour Fitness

4. Discount at Barnes&Nobles (if you can prove it will used for your classroom)

5. Really fun gifts and gift cards at all major holidays.

6. I get off at 4pm every day (never mind what time I go in though...)

7. and my latest at Ann Taylor Loft! Just print out the coupon on their website - 15-20% off every purchase! Yay!

See, it's not so bad...right?

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