Monday, November 23, 2009


This week is only a 2 day week at work. I'm am so thankful for that. It is also pointless to try to get anything done with 9 year olds in that amount of time, so I often feel as if I am babysitter rather than a teacher.

Matt & I have a full week ahead of us. This year we are attempting to do both families for both holidays. Honestly, I cannot imagine NOT spending a major holiday with my family, and I'm sure that day will come. But not this year!!

If you'd like to partake in knowing the joy of our lives over the next few ya go. :)

Tuesday: Work all day. Leave for Ponca City, Oklahoma around 5pm for the 9 hour drive. Stop through Keller to drop off our beloved dog, Mocha. Arrive Ponca City - approximately 2am.

Wednesday: Sleep. Hang out with the in-laws. Bake. Prepare. Golf (well, I'll be watching golf and possibly driving the golf cart - the best part).

Thursday: Drive to Durant, Oklahoma to celebrate with the Moore's extended family. Watch A&M beat Texas. Drive to Keller, TX. Arrive approx. midnight.

Friday: Shop with the girls. Bake and prepare for meal #2.

Saturday: Celebrate our first Thanksgiving with all the new hubbies in the family. Our family has turned huge in a matter of a few months. I'm excited!

Sunday: Drive back to Houston. Hopefully avoiding all traffic :) and hang Christmas lights on our own home. Because NOW we can start preparing for Christmas...and I will no longer be mocked for listening to Christmas music 24/7 for the last 2 weeks.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes...I love the holidays. :)

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