Thursday, January 28, 2010

My life as I know

I felt as if an update is needed, as so much has seemed to happen in the last week alone!

First, this time off and flexibility in my schedule is like a dream come true. Yes, at times I get quite bored and overwhelmed with what to do, but overall it has been wonderful. I try to get up as Matt leaves for work about 7:15ish and go straight to the gym to get me up and going - after that the day is at my fingertips. I have caught up with many dear friends (in whom it had been WAY too long since I had seen or talked to...I was determined to not be that girl that got married and dropped off the face of the earth...sadly, due to uncontrollable circumstances I think I may have slightly been that person...but not anymore!!) So, that has been lovely and very refreshing. I even got to spend a whole day with my sister Caitlin just shopping and getting Crave cupcakes (totally worth it at $3.50 a pop) before she finally got blessed with her dream job in Galveston - wahoo for her! And I got to attend my best friend, Sarah's, bridal portraits because I could at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I have been able to complete the necessary chores during the week so Matt and I don't have to spend our weekends (per usual) doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc and can actually relax together. Again, bonus! I do have to say our marriage has grown and deepened significantly now that I'm not completely stressed out and angry at my job all the time! Amazing how that happens...

Other exciting news is that in the last week and a half, I have gotten hired on as a Katy substitute (which is quite the process! geez!) and can start that hopefully next week as a good transitional job. I got hired on as a contractor for this private tutoring service which should hopefully find me clients (though no word on that yet...). And I (through Craigslistings) acquired a tutoring job everyday this week! One of them will be weekly for awhile and another was just short term this week...but what a blessing! I've decided tutoring is awesome. It's exactly like teaching...but only one kid, have no other distractions, and after an hour or two, I get to go home! I may have found my calling...

So in all, life is going pretty darn good. It is such a confirmation that God was allowing and guiding me to leave my previous job. Sure there have been sacrifices, but the blessings way outweigh them! I am OK with the anyways. Good thing life needs to be taken one day at a time. ;)

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