Monday, February 15, 2010

February 14th

Valentine's Day. Hated by some. Loved by others. I've been in both camps at different times in my life. I wish I could say I was one of those content single girls who just loved all the red and pink and flowers and candy that I was just not getting...but I won't lie to you. It wasn't my favorite day of the year. I mean it didn't make me cry myself to sleep, I was just ready for the "single's awareness" day to be over.

Last year was the first year I ever had an official "valentine" - and now he's my husband! And sadly, as monumental as that day maybe should have been for me at the age of 25...I cannot remember for the life of me what we did! So obviously, it wasn't a life changing day for me. :)

But this year, I do have to say that my husband did a wonderful job celebrating a Hallmark-created holiday with me! Maybe it's the sweetness that it's just a special day set aside to celebrate the love that God has given me that I get to spend the rest of my life with. But I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

First, Matt came home on Thursday and said he felt led to use Valentine's Day to share Christ with his co-workers. So we trekked to Walmart and purchased these really cute boxes, filled them with candy and wrote Scripture about God's love on there. Needless to say, I got all the credit from his co-workers because few guys would probably think of doing something like that. Yet another reason why I love him. :)

Matt also had flowers delivered to me at the house. I was actually gone when they arrived, so he had to slyly get me to the front porch when he got home from work so I'd see them. But they are beautiful and still in bloom today!
Then on Saturday, I had been dying to see the movie 'Valentine's Day' (it was only okay, as I think I had too high expectations, but the soundtrack is pretty good) so we went to the movies and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (thank you Christmas gift cards for both! It was a pretty cheap date if I do say so myself.)

On Sunday, we went to church and relaxed at home for a while before Matt began our events for the day. A few months after we got married I made a list of things I wanted to do before our one year anniversary...many of which we haven't been able to mark off the list quite yet and we are running out of time (it's already been almost 8 months!).

Anyways, one of the items was to have Matt teach me how to play tennis. I've tried before, but I'm just bad at it. So he went and bought me a tennis racquet and we headed to our neighborhood courts - and it was a beautiful day for it! I have to say I think I improved...but will still need some more work, since I lost our game and owe Matt and back massage now. :(
Then he grilled out some BBQ chicken and veggies for dinner. It was delicious and we delighted our sweet tooth with our favorite dessert - strawberry shortcake. YUM! Plus, we used our fine china for the first time...ever. Hand wash only dishes definitely are only for special occasions! And sat at our dining room table for the second time...ever. Sad, I know. But isn't it pretty? :)
Another item on our "list" was to watch a classic movie. Matt rented: I think it was made in the late 80' probably should not exactly be labeled "classic"...but neither of us really enjoyed the movie - it was kinda boring - SO we turned it off... I think we might need to re-do that item on the list before we can check it off.

But overall, it was a fabulous day(s). Mostly because I just love my husband and I got the WHOLE weekend with him! Good thing we don't need an official holiday to enjoy each other's company. But I don't mind it either. :)

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Lynn Cooper said...

So, the fish turned out good although we put too much pepper on top when we broiled it. Do you put anything on top? Maybe you could email me the recipe. I also like to have step by step was yummy though. Thanks!