Monday, February 22, 2010

New Things

I love new things. Who doesn't? New clothes. New home decor. New foods. New adventures. New locations. Just about new anything. And this weekend was full of new things!

1. New Stove. I've noticed that the last several weeks, it has taken me at least twice as long to bake anything in our oven. So, when Matt's parents came down this weekend, they brought along a oven thermometer to help us figure out if was me or really was the heating element in the oven. Thankfully, I can officially blame the oven! Thus, Matt and I started looking for a decently priced, yet nice stove top/oven. Went to like 10 stores, but found one at Best Buy in the dent and ding section - and got it for like 55% off the normal price - because it had 2 dents on the sides of it which you can't see once installed. Isn't it beautiful? I'm using it right now for the first time...hope my cupcakes turn out well! (because I certainly can't blame the broken appliance anymore...)
2. New Yard. Well, kinda. With the in-laws help this weekend, we (ok, the men) dug up, moved and re-planted bushes all over our yard. The people who owned this house before us, I'm almost sure, were on crack when they landscaped. Random plants in the most random places. We are trying to fix that. We also re-mulched and are waiting to plant colorful flowers until it gets a little warmer and Texas decides to stick to a season.
3. New Glasses. I've secretly always wanted glasses. It's shameful to all you who have worn them your whole life, I know. I apologize. But when I went to the eye doctor for the first time over Christmas, he gave me a prescription (a very low one - like I can barely tell a difference between when I'm wearing them and when I'm not) for glasses because I'm beginning to have to squint at night to see signs. Probably my first sign of old age. Here is a cheesy picture of me showcasing my new glasses. :) Matt says I look smarter and sophisticated. Don't really know what that means about how I look without them...
4. New Niece/Nephew! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to be an Aunt Laura! My sister Amy and her new husband, Matt are due in the fall. It's an eventful year that just just doesn't end...come October there will be a little Zimmermann. Crazy! I need more time to adjust to all the new men in the family running around, much less new babies running around! But I'm really looking forward to it and excited for them!
Yep, all new things in the last 3 days. Good thing I appreciate new things! :)

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