Thursday, April 29, 2010


One thing that Matt and I are having to prepare to move is our precious, lovable, nervous, only child/dog, Mocha. I adopted Mocha as a rescued 9-week old puppy from a local pound. She is now over 4 years old, and as previously mentioned, like a child to me. She has been through quite a her four short years. And I've probably spent more money than I care to admit on her, but it's all for the sake of love. For example:
  • Due to her extremely skittish demeanor, I believe she was abused as a puppy before I got her. The vets have had to make special notation in their files about her nervous behavior.
  • She has moved with me several times and had to readjust to such living conditions.
  • She has been hit by a car and broke her leg...which a few weeks later re-broke due to a fluke in the metal bar inserted in her leg.
  • She is scared to death of most men (except Matt who she quickly fell in love with).
  • She goes into depression and stops eating whenever we have to leave her for more than a day.
  • She has endured heart worms and the harsh treatment for it less than a year ago.
I love my dog. I cried when I had to drop her off at a kennel for 5 days when we went on vacation a couple months ago. And I admit that I am slightly freaking out about the fact that she is going to have to be flown on a 8 hour flight or more to Anchorage in about 6 weeks.

We purchased her an "airplane friendly" kennel in preparation for our upcoming departure. We are trying to train her that this is a "safe" she won't cry, bark or go into cardiac arrest during the flight. I remember one time I was on a flight and a dog below was crying the whole time...made me so sad!! I have a feeling I'm going to be a basket case the day of that flight. Not so much that I'm moving 4,000 miles away, but that my poor dog is going to be scared! How ridiculous am I?!

Here she is all snuggled in her new crate. At this point I think she likes it! But I'm thinking - when we lock her up and wheel her away to the cargo part of the airplane - she may have different sentiments.
I'm also doing everything I can not to get scared about her getting trampled by moose, eaten by wolves or attacked by a bear once we arrive in Alaska. I've read my share of horror stories from locals up there to justify my I'm thinking I might need to take a break from the internet for a bit... :)


Dinah said...

Sweet Mocha... It's amazing how much you can love a good dog.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are moving to Denmark in a year for his job and I am ALREADY worried about Scout flying under the plane in a crate. I am happy to see Mocha made it with no problems!

-heidi elias.

Laura Moore said...

I totally understand, Heidi! We gave her treats everytime she went in there before we flew. Then we put her bed in the crate and ice in her food/water bowls for the flight. Good luck to you guys in Denmark - so exciting!