Sunday, August 1, 2010

Date Night

Another unique thing about Alaska is that it promotes locally owned and operated stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  I love that aspect.  But I won't deny that the first time we drove by Chili's I was rather excited to see something familiar - bottomless chips and salsa just sounds so good when you've gone without.

Anyways, Friday has turned into our date night.  I love the concept of a night set aside to just spend special time together, but it's a battle because to Matt that definition means that every night is date night...however, that's a whole other story for another time.

So this past Friday we ate some leftovers at home and hit up our bikes.  Nevermind that it was raining outside, because we had planned to ride downtown and hit up the "Chocolate Lounge" (just the name makes you want to to go there, right?) - so rain or shine we were headed that way.  Plus we wanted to try out our new helmets we had found on REI clearance that had just come in the mail and my new bike we had bought off Craigslist...which this time came with shocks (geez, those make a huge difference!). Nothing like new toys.

With freezing, wet fingers in tact we arrived on bike (so green of us, huh?) downtown to enjoy $3 bite-sized truffles and this incredible drinking chocolate that made it totally worth the trip.  The truffles were a little odd - as they sounded delicious until you saw they were topped with fresh salmon or garlic salt or something completely odd.  We decided that part was a little over the top trendy for our taste.  But when you come visit, I'll make sure we make a pit stop for you to enjoy the discovered treasure of drinking chocolate as well. :)

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