Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love weekends

I love the weekends. Saturdays in particular, because that's play day.  Unfortunately this weekend has been very rainy and cold...but that didn't stop us from hiking Turnagain Arm - a trail that follows along the coast line with mountains in the distance.  As you can see, the rain gear we invested in has come to good use!

We took Mocha along this time and she loved running the trail with freedom...though in all her bravery she did not go far enough ahead where she couldn't see us.  She constantly stopped and waited...or came running back when she realized what she had done.  I like to think she is just a good, obedient dog...but deep down I know it's because she gets scared.

As you can see I have about 20 lbs of extra warmth on me. In my defense, it was cold and rather windy on this lookout point.

Mocha enjoyed the raindrops on the grass.  She was incredibly muddy when we were finished. Gotta love the wet dog smell in the ole' car.

Matt and I only made it in about 3 miles in before we turned around to head back.  We ran into some fellow hikers that had seen some fresh bear scat up the trail and that was enough for me to say adios to the trail.  I was a bit on edge the majority of the time anyways - hiking by ourselves and all.  I'm still learning the balance between a healthy fear and a-keep-you-from-enjoying-Alaska fear.  Hopefully it comes with time.  And maybe I should stop reading the Anchorage Daily News "Bears in Alaska" section.  That might help...  

That evening we had the privilege of cooking up our first fresh fish.  A sweet family had gone fishing just a few days prior and caught 96lbs of fish...yes, that is 96 pounds!! So they graciously gave us a few, since neither of us had tried it so fresh before.  I actually had to skin the fish...but I was quite proud of my citrus-flavored fresh halibut. Though I'm really looking forward to the fresh salmon.
I feel like such an official Alaskan now.
Matt got ahold of the camera and documented such a momentous occasion. 
Bon appetit. :)

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