Friday, October 8, 2010

It's coming...

...winter, that is.  Slowly (or shall I say rather quickly) it is heading our direction.  Thankfully, fall has been absolutely beautiful. 
It snowed a couple weeks ago in town (in September!), just flurries, but it still counts in my book.  The mountains are now covered with "termination dust" - Alaskan lingo for the terminating warmth. 

Alaska has some strange lingo. 

Like if you are going "outside" they don't literally mean outdoors, they mean traveling outside of Alaska, such as to lower 48.  And who knew that they had a beef with Texas?  I guess people up here think Texas is trying to prove itself as a big and better state forcing Alaska to fight back - but born and raised in the Lone Star State I never heard of such rivalry. Alaska might be big, but I can contest that there is not much up here except these beautiful mountains! However, I could get you a t-shirt or two about the rivalry, if you so desired.

The longer I'm here the more I realize how different it is in so many aspects - sometimes I feel like I'm living in a foreign country. 

Anyways, here is a picture from Matt's office building downtown.  Would make spending 8-9 hours a day there a little easier, right?  There is more snow on the mountains now.  Each day the white is moving down and closer.  Rather pretty, but I'm not sure if my perpetually cold body is ready for this Alaskan winter. On the bright side, here in about a month we'll be able to use our new skis!
A fire burning in the living room fireplace brings my heart joy.  Not much else can make a place feel as cozy.  So it's a good thing we stocked up on firewood - or as much as our little backyard could hold. We've gotten pretty good at this building a fire the second we walk through the door from work routine.  Not sure how long this stash will last, but I'm sure enjoying it until then.

I'm not sure what time that picture was taken, but the days are getting shorter and shorter and shorter.  I try to not pay attention to what time the sun comes and goes (denial is easier at times), but I can tell you that it doesn't stick around as much anymore.  Happy Light? Yes, please.

Then I realized on a walk the other day we were the only chimney with smoke coming out of it.  I'm not ashamed.  Though I think our neighbors might think we are a bit ridiculous, being it technically hasn't been below freezing yet.  That's ok with me - as long as I'm warm. :)

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