Saturday, September 25, 2010

Such is life... that we have experienced our first building shaking, heart pounding, life flashing before your eyes earthquake. One afternoon a 4.9 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter 10 miles from downtown Anchorage hit.  I slightly freaked out and may or may not have shouted while sitting at my desk "WHAT DO I DO??".  Yep. That was cool.  Check out the Alaska earthquake of 1964 and you'll know why I freaked.  And you know we've grown accustomed when a bigger one hits at 7am on a Saturday morning making our entire house shake and Matt just mumbles "don't's an earthquake" and rolls over and goes back to sleep.  Right. Comforting. that we have officially turned on the heat.  I noticed it was 89 today in Houston.  At least I made it towards the end of September.   We officially have tried out our fireplace and ordered a TON of wood...I'm looking forward to them nightly. :)

Like my stuffed turkey already out for Thanksgiving? that we own our own skis. Thank you last season's clearance items and $6 ski boots from Goodwill.  I won't know the difference, but I sure enjoyed saving some money! 

....and especially now that I own my own ice skates!  Again, thank you Goodwill hand-me-downs (that have never been used).  Anchorage fire department fills the outdoor basketball courts with water so they'll freeze over and make little ice skating rinks that anybody can use.  I'm excited. that we've encountered our first photograph-able moose and I have gotten my own pictures.  Yep, just chilling at the end our street on our way to work.  I rolled down the window and they posed for me.

...and now even worse, we had our first bear poop outside our backdoor! Now I'm that completely paranoid lady anytime I let Mocha outside - especially when it's dark.  But understandably so.  I feel no shame about it. that life is a little different these days...

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