Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Truck Tent

We got a new toy.  It's totally an Alaskan inspired toy, but we hope to use it for years to come wherever we end up next.   We actually got it because I'm scared to sleep on the ground.  Specifically because it makes me easy bait for bears.  Not kidding.  Maybe irrational, but hopefully this will ease my panic and help me sleep better/at all while camping...of which we will probably be doing a lot of now.

Matt was giddy excited the day it came in that we had to set it up in our driveway that night to make sure it really worked.  I guess it would be quite inconvenient to get all the way out somewhere to realize our tent can't sleep us.  
Another fabulous part is that inside there will be an perfectly fit air mattress for our warm, aging bodies to enjoy.  Roughing it? Probably not.  But I feel no shame if I'm waking up refreshed. :)

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Lynn Cooper said...

Wow, that is so cool. I think that would also be my prefered way to bugs, no sticks or rocks underneath you.