Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Trip Back South

This post is a long time coming.  Almost a month ago (oops) we headed down to Oklahoma to celebrate the marriage of Bart and Caralyn Fisher.  It was great to see friends and family and enjoy the heat (but not the tornado weather!).  The Moore's were so kind as to host us while we were there.
Matt and me at the wedding
After the wedding celebrations, we collected a group of friends (otherwise known as the "Ponca Mafia" because the core group began as grade school friends back in Ponca City, OK - Matt's hometown - and has since expanded).  A few dared to get into the water, which was still rather cold, but most (including myself) just chilled on the dock most of the time.
Matt showing his skillz
Paige, Kyle and Amanda

Jenna, me, Paige, Amanda, Katie
All the ladies enjoying the sun!
We also had the annual fantasy football party.  This usually happens during the Superbowl, but Matt and I couldn't make that trek back this year.  Alas, a few months late, I had to pass over the beloved trophy I won last year (I know, still can't believe it) to the new winner, Mr. Aaron Jones.
Then the whole gang watched some basketball, enjoyed some burgers, volleyball and new T-shirts to commemorate the experience. 
Before the flight back Matt and I were able to drive to meet my mom, Amy, her Matt (as we refer to him, since it gets kinda confusing with 2 Matt's in the family) and my nephew Wesley.  We braved the storms and thankfully the Lord parted the clouds for us to grab a quick bite to eat between DFW and OKC.  Of which I have no pictures, but will hopefully add soon:).

It's always a looonnng flight back, but it makes it worth seeing those we love.

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