Monday, January 23, 2012

Marmie's Visit

This past week I was blessed to have my mom come visit us in the bitter Alaskan winter.  It was special because it was her first time to Alaska and our home - but more importantly it was her first time to meet our precious baby girl.  

Marmie couldn't get enough of her. (If curious, Marmie is from Little Women of which involves 4 daughters.  My sisters and I liked to think that the book was about us and their mom, Marmie.  Hence her grandmother name).
I decided that winter was a good time to have a baby in Alaska.  It's bitter cold outside (my mom visited during one of the coldest weeks of the season) and dark.  Not much is going on, so staying in bed until noon every day isn't that big a deal. :) 

My mom was a huge help.  I actually felt mostly rested!  Marmie had morning duty, so after Matt went to work and Maddie had her early feeding, I was able to go back to bed for 2-3 hours.  I never realized how big a difference a few hours of sleep makes.  She also fed us well, I'm pretty sure I put back on a few pounds (and I no longer have the excuse of a growing baby in me!).  And I probably only changed half the diapers.

We unfortunately didn't get out too much, except for various doctor's appointments, a trip to Starbucks, the mall and short drives around town.  But we tried to get her out to see a tiny bit of Alaska, we even ventured out to our first restaurant with the wee one (of which she slept the whole time, yay!).  And headed to Girdwood to see the most beautiful drive down the inlet and enjoy a snack at Alyeska.  We also watched our yearly share of HGTV - Matt probably won't let me watch that channel again with him for awhile!

One exciting trait of Maddie is that she does not like being put down.  Ever.  Sleeping only happens in our arms.  I don't know how she knows, even after passing out and limp, that within 5 minutes of being put down she is no longer in somebodies arms.  Immediately wakes up.  Crazy.  Maybe it's a gift.  But certainly a gift that at 3am is not my favorite.  Good thing she's super cute. :)

Madelyn (or Baby Madelyn as we refer to her) is 3 weeks old tomorrow!  The last few weeks are kinda a blur, but I cannot believe how fast time is going by!
I feel so blessed to be her mom.  Even if it's still very surreal.


Donald and Angela said...

Congratulations, Laura! She is beautiful! Quite the story as well :) Sarah had told me about the 3 day labor (poor thing, that is TERRIBLE!) - excited to watch little Madelyn grow up!

Amy Leigh said...

Use the lamb at bedtime on the heartbeat or white noise setting - that helps a bunch!