Friday, March 16, 2012

Snow Sculptures

Have I mentioned it's still winter here?  I'm not bitter or anything about that.  Good news is it hit the 30's this week.  Matt comes home giddy when he sees his car thermometer above 32.  We had to get our roof cleared off.  The snow has gotten so heavy and dense - and won't stop coming down - the roofs cannot handle the weight.  There have been several in town that have collapsed.  So since I didn't want Matt climbing up on our slippery, 2-story roof (or have it come crashing down on us), we hired some high school boys to do it.  They made a killing in our neighborhood.

I've actually declared that I need to stay off Facebook (I sheepishly admit that I spend time on this...but who doesn't, honestly?  And I can get a little bored while nursing 5+ hours a day).  But reading reports from my southern friends about how it dropped into the 50s and had to "bundle up" or seeing them galloping around in the grass and in flip-flops makes me cringe with jealousy.  Yes, I admit it, at times my attitude isn't one filled with love and grace.  I just want to go for a walk outside.  And not get the stroller caught in the snow-filled roads. 

But I do excited about the little things.  Like these little leggings and sweater for Maddie so she can flaunt her spring wardrobe and not get cold.  
 And her contagious smiles and giggles.  At least I'm warm and cozy in my house with good company. :)
And the fact that the days are long now.  Just having 12 hours of light is awesome - and the days are only getting longer.

We also get cool things like these snow sculptures.
Maddie is hidden under all those layers.
Though I will admit, I probably prefer the sand sculptures we saw in Galveston a couple years back.  It was a bit warmer. And Maddie might have been exposed to the outside world long enough to see them.
One day, my dear little one.  One day.

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