Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Months

Madelyn is officially two months old!  I'm pretty sure she gains about a pound a week, or so it seems.  As of her 6 week appointment she was 10lbs 2oz.  She has outgrown all her newborn clothes and onto 3 months.  I decided the transition times are challenging trying to figure out what fits, what to put away and discovering that special little outfit that I was saving that she now cannot wear anymore.  We think her hair might be turning red.  Her little eyebrows definitely have red tint.
Maddie also hit some milestones this month. She graduated from being able to sleep elsewhere other than our arms.  We've come to discover that she has a bad case of reflux (that I'm hoping she'll grow out of) which prevents her from sleeping flat on her back, so we are thankful for the car seat.  Sometimes I put her car seat in the crib so I can monitor her while being productive...and you know at least use that beautiful piece of furniture.  I've also tried to cut out most dairy from my diet because I think that wasn't helping her little tummy.  I had no idea how big of a sacrifice that was going to be, but thankful for soy products and my heart goes out to those who are lactose intolerant.  I'm also hoping she'll grow out of that as well - I selfishly want to eat ice cream again soon - and think I deserve brownie points as I watch Matt eat it every night.
We have also gone full time into cloth diapers.  Matt and I both agree that we love them!  I'll update on that soon, because a lot of people have been asking our thoughts on them.
counting on dad to keep her entertained and happy during the photo shoot
Maddie also loves to talk and smile.  She is really a happy little girl (except when that darn reflux is bothering her) and usually only gets fussy in the evenings.  Especially right as we sit down to eat dinner.  She has some kind of radar that lets her know.  I've gotten really good at eating with one hand.
And our biggest milestone this month is the fact that she has gotten to where she'll sleep 8-10 hours a night!  Often she'll wake up once for about an hour to feed and be rocked, but then go back to sleep.  I keep praying it isn't just a fluke and she'll keep it up.  
I like how Mocha wanted in on the action -
always curious about what's going on
And I'm pretty sure she has doubled in size.  Ok, not really, but my arms are getting some serious muscle totting her around.

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