Monday, October 1, 2012

living with less

Remember how I was concerned about moving and not having any baby stuff for awhile?  Well, due to difficulties with this house purchasing situation, it's actually being a bit longer than "awhile".  We are now looking at early November (not early October as originally planned) before we get our stuff.

It's bittersweet.  As we may finally have settled and negotiated a house (YAY!!  It makes my heart very happy. This has been a ridiculous process.),  I'm a little disheartened that we have about 6 more weeks before we get to that point of moving in.  Considering my current full-time job is a mom and homemaker - a home would be a nice resource to help fulfill that job description.  I'm sure there will be lots to come on this new house....but back to our current situation.  

We are living with a lifelong friend of Matt's, basically like a brother to him.  He has very graciously opened his home to our little family.  He is a bachelor, so we have more than enough space around here.  We just don't have many baby items.  One positive that Matt has reminded me of during this transitional time (especially when he is trying to find the good in my moments of not so good perspective) is that we really can live on very little.  We had about 5 suitcases when we arrived. And minus a few items that we've purchased to make life a little easier, that's all we've used for the past 3 1/2 weeks.

Case in point...this has been Maddie's bed.  A twin mattress on the floor with pillow 'railings'.  
I think it looks quite cozy.  But when she started rolling around and sitting up in between sleep cycles, I realized that wasn't going to work for long.  Thankfully, my mom had a pack-n-play I borrowed from her this past weekend. So Maddie even now has her own room.  In the closet. :)
 I don't think she minds much though.
 Here's her changing station.  It's very portable.
 Oh and can't forget her rocking chair.
Yep, it's a patio rocker we splurged on for our future backyard that is getting double duty at the moment.

I packed one small bag of toys.  It's a good thing that it doesn't take much for her to be entertained right now.  Who knew the laundry could be so amusing?
Today my car arrives.  I'm excited to think about the endless doors of entertainment that will open to us both.

We've had a few rough patches as we adjust to all the changes, but overall she has been a trooper.
But now the official countdown can begin to seeing that beloved, packed moving truck pull up to our new place.  Trust me, this could be more exciting than the countdown to Christmas.  And that's a bold statement.


Sarah said...

There is nothing wrong with putting your baby in a closet!!!


Laura Moore said...

haha. I thought of you. One day our girls can share sob stories of how their mothers made them sleep in closets. :)