Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome back to Texas

We've almost been back in Texas a month.  It feels like we just got here but somehow it feels like we never left.  Life certainly has not been ideal since we've arrived (sharing one car for 6 weeks, living out of a spare bedroom, enduring the expected but still hot, humid weather, teaching a 9 month old that adjustments - and church nurseries - are ok), but it has been full.  There is rarely a day that I don't have anything going on...which is such a blessing because I might go crazy otherwise.  Remember, I am living out of a suitcase in someone else's house.  

I love all the opportunities to get involved and meet new people (and hang out with old friends).  I've learned to just jump in with both feet.  No point wasting time.  It's not like we have much else going on right now.  So at times, I may at times pull the "I just moved here from Alaska" without the "we lived here a few years ago" part, so people will have pity on me and invite me to things.  Eventually, they find out and still allow me to tag along. :)

Because seriously, there are so many stay at home moms!  Where have you been all my life?!?

Maddie and I get to spend a lot of quality time together.  She's such a little gem.  I can't imagine a better little person to spend my days with.

Here we are enjoying the hottest weather Maddie has ever experienced, while the rest of the Houstonians are dressed like it's cold.  I have a word to share: 65 degrees is not cold.  
We enjoy lunches and zoos and libraries and fall festivities with new friends.  Here is Maddie's best friend, Addie.  At what age is not appropriate to decide who their best friend is anymore?  I say I have at least half a decade of control over that still.  Right?
Football.  Matt + living with best friend = watching LOTS of football.  (Honestly, I don't mind though. I secretly really enjoy it.  And Maddie appears to too).
Thankfully, little one has been so good at sleeping lately!  I do not know what caused the turn, but I'm not complaining.  Not. one. bit.  I'm sure this is what most parents with small children experience earlier on.  Actual sleep lasting more than 3 consecutive hours at night.  Which is probably why many are okay with having more kids.  Which is why I'm just now starting to have a small hint of realization that more than one kid might be doable...
We've also found the only forest in Houston.  No more walking outside and being consumed by nature.  We now work with plastic trees that are 3 feet tall.  I'm glad my tax dollars are going to this type of school playground.  How disappointed those kids would be to run outside to the jungle gym just to discover small, fake trees!  What are they supposed to do with those anyways?
We've also gotten quite mobile.  If you look closely you will notice how not baby proof our temporary residence is.  And Maddie has a fascination with cords.  Awesome.  It works out well that we will be able to baby proof as we unpack our new house.  Because, goodness, it will be necessary.
It's good to be back to my Texas roots.  I'm not going to lie.  I've missed you.

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Sarah said...

They are definitely best friends!