Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disney...there we went

So I just spent the last week in the land where dreams come true - so they say - with all 3 of my sisters. It was fantastic...well, most of it. It was great to spend time with them, with no other holiday/family get-together distractions and busyness. It's fun to see as we are all grown up now (tear) who we have become, what we have done, and where we are headed. Growing up, having 3 sisters was not always fun (sharing one bathroom and all), but I wouldn't trade it for anything now.

Now, I'd like to be helpful to you, so through my experience, I'd like to share a few pointers for those of you who are contemplating visiting this vast land they call Disney World.
  • My first recommendation is if at all possible, try to visit in the months OTHER than June and July. I do not believe they could possibly cram one more person in, and it is a very large place!

  • Second, having a personal tour guide who knows the ends and out, gets discounts (and rather good ones at that), and illegal "fast passes" is the best way to go. Kelsey, my sister, has spent the last 5-6 months living in this fairytale land being "friends with Mickey" (if you know what I mean...). We spent 2 days visiting the 4 parks and hit up every ride. And let me tell you, that is a miracle as I said in point one, there were waaayyy too many people there.
  • Third, I'm still contemplating if bringing small children is a smart move. They slow you down, whine, cry, can't go on all the fun rides, and did I mention throw fits out of crankiness? Yes, they bring joy - b/c they do get quite excited, but an entire trip seems like a lot. So, we came up with a great system that I might propose to Disney - "Rent-a-Kid". This way, you get the joy of a small child for a short time span and then get to give them back. Perfect.

  • Forth, much against my sisters' desires and attempts, I will NEVER have my entire family match outfits when traveling together. I have never seen so many coordinated families in my life. And I'm not just talking about matching color t-shirts - like handmade mickey head to toe outfits. Moms, dads, children, grandparents, cousins, etc. I just want to think what those dads thought when mom pulled out the outfit and declared matching wardrobe day.

  • Fifth, and most importantly, a trip to Disney World can put a dent in the old wallet. If you need help cheating the system to make it work for you...give me a shout. We got pretty good at it over the last week.


Jen Lewis said...

Looks so fun Laura! I can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!! I am excited!


Laura, you're linked to my blog and I didn't even know you had one! Thank you, Lynn's blog, for revealing this fun little page! So excited about catching up on you.

Shannon Morton said...

Laura, cool to find your blog! I guess people match outfits so they can find each other easily? You just wait; one day you'll be part of a happy matchie matchie family.

Shannon Morton said...

P.S. Matt wrote that last comment.