Thursday, July 3, 2008

Medical World 101

This past week I began my new job for the summer - faculty advisor for NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine). Sounds smart, I know. What am I doing there? Well, I am working the next month in downtown Houston with high school students who come in all over the country to learn about the medical career path. It's amazing where you can end up with the right connections. Let's just say I'm the only elementary teacher in the 30 staff members. This week was training, and on Saturday I move into the Renaissance Hotel for the next several weeks. Kinda funny since my house is just about 10 minutes away.

I have come to the point this week, where I am completely aware of my incredible lack of knowledge in medicine. The patience of the medical students as they explain simple concepts to me has been very much appreciated. I have learned about triage, how to suture a wound, read someones blood pressure, discuss medical ethics, debate controversial issues, and thankfully, something I have a little knowledge on - how to deal with students. I'm really enjoying it! I mean, once the 10 straight 7am-11pm workdays begin, that might change.

Anyways, that's what I'm doing with the rest of my summer. Be back in 3 weeks (hopefully with some good stories, and possibly a new career path). :)


Steph Harrison said...

grace be with u my friend. 7am-11pm just sounds terrible. :)

Melissa said...

It sounds like you are at least getting some useful information! Hope you had a good July 4th!

Dinah said...

You found me!! Great thoughts. :)