Saturday, August 23, 2008

So it begins, again.

Back to school has a whole new meaning when you become a teacher.

First, I'd like to say for the first time I have a job 2 consecutive years in a row, and I'm looking forward to it! If that's not God's work, I don't know what is.

I started back about a week and a half ago for countless (quite meaningless) meetings. I survived, because thankfully I work with a group of ladies that make those thrilling times more enjoyable. So, after a week of mtgs, setting up my new classroom, catching up with co-workers, and slightly preparing - we had a school-wide orientation for families to meet the teachers. I was stationed in my room while all day long parents and students came in to meet and greet. Then I remembered...I had conveniently forgotten over the summer about this tiny aspect of teaching...

...the parents...

Many quizzed me about how I was going to challenge their student and meet their expectations and what is this and what is that. Like I was at a job interview when I already have the job. I even had a couple get quite angry with me and threaten me.
So, a few reminders to myself as the year begins:

1. I can't take it personally.
2. I need to look confident and composed no matter what.
3. Be careful with my words, they can come back and haunt me later.
(Don't always say what I want, usually it's more beneficial to just nod and redirect)
4. For every hard parent there are 5 great ones, and I need to focus on the positive.
5. Though I aspire for it to be a team effort, I need to do the best with the circumstances I've been given.

I am reminded that I need to regrow that thick skin and quick on my toes attitude. Or actually, maybe I never had it, so maybe I should work on that. If only I could invent a rude comment/harsh words/attacker deflector. Maybe then I could retire early, after only my two consecutive years of work...:) Who am I kidding, I probably miss it too much.

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Dinah said...

Oh the parents.... girl I so understand!!!