Monday, September 15, 2008

Another one for the books...

The last 5 days have been total weirdness. Thursday, I arrive at work, business as usual and as the day progressed panicked parents pulled their kids from class right and left to make a run for it before the storm. I had packed a small suitcase, thinking - I'm going overboard with bringing even a couple days clothes, but might as well. Not knowing that it'd be at least a week (and counting) before I can return to my house! The fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants part of me is not currently working out so well.

Anyways, I decided to stay at Matt's place with 6 other people, since he lives farther out west and wouldn't get hit as bad. It only took me about 1 hour 15 min to go about 10 miles down the road. I could have walked faster than that. We hung out for about 24 hours - cooking, watching movies, enjoying electricity - before we truly hunkered down in preparation. Friday night, around 4am we ended pulling the blow up mattresses into hallways and closets to avoid windows and the crazy loud 100mph wind. At Matt's house not much went wrong except the fence and a small leak in the roof. At my house, not so fortunate. Apparently, the ceiling in our laundry room caved in, a huge old tree fell over into our driveway (thankfully my new car wasn't parked in it!), and another fell next door ONTO the power line and knocked it over. What does that mean for me? - I'm a lucky one that will not have power for probably quite a while, and the worst part is all that frozen food I just stocked up on is now gone to waste. Sad day.

I wish I had my camera when we drove around checking out the damage. It really is incredible. Streetlights scattered in the streets. Huge signs blown to shreds. Roofs far from where they belong - on top of a building. Trees uprooted everywhere. Like a movie. And that wasn't near downtown, which got the brunt of it.

So, Saturday when we woke up with no power and no water and report of "complete failure" of the electric company - saying it might be a MONTH before we all get power back, we decided to high tail it to College Station and bunk with my sister. Her and her sweet roommates welcomed us in. We have slowly been trickling back to Houston (some have work, which is ridiculous!), but I now remain alone. Still no power at my home front. Workless until at least Thursday. And about 3 t-shirts to wardrobe me until I return. Had I known I was going to be getting quite a vacation I would have packed better and at least gone somewhere exotic. :)

I can now add to my list of unique life experiences...
#37 I have been through and survived a hurricane

(and if you ask me what #1-36 are I'm sure I can come up with them. But #37 just sounded like a good number)


Jen Lewis said...

OH NO!!! Poor Angela!!! My old house. :( I have been wanting to call you for a few days now. I saw the footage of Memorial and thought it must have been bad at our place. I guess finding the leak in the laundry room is not on the agenda anymore... Now a new laundry room is in order. :( Sad.

I am glad you took shelter at your sisters after the storm. I hope you two have some good time together before you return home.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

:( I am soo sorry to hear about the house. I know you have Matt there, but if you need anything, let me know. I have power, you can come do laundry, take a shower... how are Mocha and Lily???

Laura said...

thanks Mel! I'm living in college station for the week, but hopefully when I get back I'll have power, if not I'll definitely let you know...:)