Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Song

Today I have the day off. A holiday that I do not celebrate, so for me it's just a random Tuesday off. I feel like I haven't worked much this school year yet. It's so nice. I like not working when everyone else is. :) Not in a mean sense, but in a sense that their cars are parked and they are sitting at their office, and not on the streets and at the stores. It is much nicer getting around that way.

Anyways, I just burned this CD from my sister, Caitlin, when I was staying with her about a week ago, because I have found a new happy song. I wonder if anyone else has those. It's a song that I can literally play on repeat for about 2-3 weeks straight and not get sick of it and it makes me in a better mood every time I hear it. I love when I find those songs. Sometimes they are random ones that I find on iTunes, sometimes they are ones I find listening to the radio. Either way, when if I get in a bad mood (which don't pretend that never happens to you), I can plug it in and it all goes away. So...for those who are curious, currently my happy song is...judge me if you will...I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Oh so good!


Lynn Cooper said...

I have many happy songs too. They go in phases. We saw you at the baseball game but we didn't chance to say hello before you left.

Laura said...

yeah, I saw you guys walk in too, but couldn't find you after you sat down. I'm glad we can share in happy songs.

Rebecca said...

um I totally know what you are talking about. I miss you! My current happy song is this completely ghetto song called "T-shirt" the artist...chantelle, ghetto. A rhyming phrase in the song. "Jimmy choo" and "missing schoo"...GHETTTTOTOOOOOOOO