Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Alaskan Home...Part One

God has thoroughly blessed us during this whole moving process. I am so thankful.

One thing that I am most excited about, and absolutely love, is our new home. Our stuff arrived on Thursday and I quickly became a slave driver to get it set up. Going almost 2 months living out of a suitcase can take a toll on a person! Matt however could not wait to go on a hike. And as much as I love the outdoors...a unpacked home was higher on my list. So, as in any good marriage, we compromised as you see in my last post. :)

Due to the much higher cost of living compared to the South, I had prepared myself to not be thrilled with our future home purchase pre-visiting Alaska.  But once again, God provided. We found this amazing, newly renovated town home in a great little neighborhood just south of downtown (where we both work).  I do believe it's a perfect fit for all our furniture snuggly fits within each room which is a huge plus!  Having an almost unpacked house is finally making me feel at home, and not on vacation, here in Anchorage.  

Here are some before and after pictures of a couple of the rooms downstairs. A little paint in a room filled with our furniture just hits the spot for me. :)
Coming through the front door...Before
Living Room Before

Dining Room Before
We are still working on hanging pictures in the other rooms those will come hopefully sooner rather than later.  And just a further tidbit...these pictures were taken after 9 at night. Nice and bright and sunny.  Black out curtains are expensive, but well worth every penny.  It could really mess up your sleeping cycle if you are not careful!

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