Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Fourth...and our first hike

It only took us a mere three weeks to finally enjoy our first hike (and we went on two in one weekend!), but we finally made it. We decided - and was told - to not wait on the weather to clear, or you'd never get out on the trails. And I'm not going to lie, the fact that there are more bears than people in Alaska makes me a little nervous to just pick up and hit the trails. But, Sunday in honor of the fourth, we headed out.

After church (which I think we may have decided on a church to get plugged into!) we headed to the big annual Fourth of July Parade in downtown Anchorage. I wish I had pictures to document this 2 hour parade we enjoyed with thousands of other Alaskans, but I do not. It was exciting...maybe an hour too long...because it was cold! Only in Alaska will you wear thermals under your jeans and jacket to a July parade...but maybe one day I will too be able to pull off that tank top and enjoy the "hot" summer weather up here.

Matt then pulled me away from unpacked boxes and we headed to Flattop Mountain - maybe the most popular hiking trail in Anchorage, only about a 10 minute drive from the house. It's pretty awesome that the mountains are at our fingertips. I've never been more thankful to have an abundance of people to scare away the bears than I was on that trail. And other than the few freakouts I had when I thought Mocha was going to jump off the cliff, it was glorious!

Our family photo (almost) at the top overlooking the city of Anchorage. The last peak was really steep and I didn't think Mocha could make it up. We'll have to go back (which I'm sure we will!) and finish it without the dog.

Mocha pulled Matt all the way down the mountain, but every 100 yards or so, she'd turn around to make sure I was coming and wait til I caught up...then she'd take off again full force.

The next day we headed to Eagle River to hike a 6 mile loop in the valley with a sweet couple we met at church. The skies cleared and the sun came out - and we were blessed with a beautiful day! I sadly forgot my here are some lovely pics from the phone...
Eagle River Valley
(30 min north of Anchorage)
Jared and Nicole...this may have been Bear Meadow...yeah, Nicole led the way with the bear spray. Thankfully, we survived (in case you were worried!).

Eagle River
The water is gray because it's all glacier water running off the mountain. It was beautiful!

Then we headed back to our new place to break in the new dining room and grilled out some burgers. It turned out to be a great weekend!

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Reese said...

Ok, way cool friends. I have done both of those hikes and love them. Another option, if you want to take a weekend backpacking trip, is to hike Crow Pass (north of Girdwood) and out to Eagle River. Here's the map.

Also, another fun hike is to walk along the Turnagin Arm of the Cook Inlet from McHugh Creek to Rainbow (pictures)