Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our first real snow fall

It was like Christmas morning when I awoke to a pink sky peaking through the curtains and the ground being covered in snow.  It makes the short days seem brighter (literally - the snow reflects the little light we have) and the cold more bearable. 

Though I'm accustomed to getting a free "snow day" off work when there is just a hint of ice on the ground.  I think those days are long gone, sadly.  But I do not remember Houston looking like this outside my window either, so I'll compromise.

I think everything looks more beautiful dusted with white flakes and the mountains look more majestic covered in snow.
View from our back door

Driving down the neighboring street

I get only about five more months of this...:) 

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Lynn Cooper said...

So fun! Wow, and what a change from Houston!