Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skiing 101

Matt has been waiting for the day that there was enough snow on the ground to truly enjoy one of his favorite things - downhill skiing.  Thankfully we got a ton of fresh snow on Thanksgiving Day and we each had a 4 day weekend - so there was a perfect outlet to get out in it all. 

There is the world-class ski resort about 30 min away that is a challenging mountain for the experienced skier.  Then there is this in town ski "hill" that consists of mostly greens and a few blues.  Being that I haven't been in over 10 years, you can guess which one I opted for.  They also have a deal that if you only go for part of the day, it's a discounted price.  Very nice if you wanted to hit the slopes after work one day.  The trails (as you can see in the first picture) have lights, so even though it's dark at 4pm - those hardcore people can go until 9. 

We had previously purchased Matt his very own pair of skis and boots (on sale, naturally) since he knew he enjoyed the activity and would use them for years to come (even post Alaska).  For me however, we opted to rent the first go around and maybe save us an unnecessary purchase if all had not gone well.  Matt is a great teacher and very patient, thankfully.  I wouldn't say I'm a natural...but I might go again, because I love my husband and live in Alaska. :)

I (or shall I say my legs) finished a little before Matt was done, so he was able to go back out again and enjoy the slopes a little faster without me.  Plus, it was a toasty 13 degrees outside, so the fire inside the lodge was very appealing to me.
I liked the look of this hill...very gradual decline :)
warming up by the fire in preparation of round 2

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