Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a few weeks of growth

So I feel weird posting pictures of myself on the internet.  I feel like 10 years ago that would have been considered narcissistic. But maybe it's not strange anymore? However, I have been told that family (and maybe friends) back home want to know how much my belly has grown (when in reality, they just want to know how much weight I've gained) here it is.  The last three weeks. 

19 weeks
(I forgot to hold the sign that is sitting on the dresser in the picture)
How big I look is based so much on the clothes I'm wearing.  But I got my first official "belly rub" from a stranger last night.  Exciting times. 

I'm officially in week 20, which means I'm half way there!! I have been feeling great (other than this nasty head cold that I picked up last weekend).  I pretty much eat half my days calories in the morning involving lots of cereal.  Thankfully I've been able to continue to work out, though it mostly consists of walking or low impact cardio and a little weight lifting.  Running is certainly not happening these days. 

Yesterday we had our big appointment!  Most importantly the baby looks healthy and happy...but more to come on that one!

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