Friday, August 19, 2011

Big News!

We are so excited to be having a baby girl!  Most importantly though everything looks good with me and baby being healthy and growing appropriately.  Music to my ears.

Now you may recall that we live far away from family.  FAR.  And we are trying to make this new season in our life as special as it can be while keeping the family and friends back home involved as much as we can.  And again some news just isn't as much fun to tell on the phone.  So...I came up with a plan.

Matt and I went out and bought boy and girl items as pictured here:
 The plan was to bring both of them with us to the appointment and dash to the post office to get them overnighted to our folks (which by the way, I learned is not an easy - nor cheap - task to get something overnight from Alaska to Texas/Oklahoma.  Who knew?).   It would have been fun to throw a big "reveal" party or something, but you do what you gotta do.  On the outside of the package it read "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ON THE PHONE WITH US!" in big, bold letters, just in case they wanted to cheat (which by the way they assumed the appointment was a day later than it actually was).  When they opened it they'd have "it's a girl" confetti along with a onesie fall in their lap.  It's like a party in a box.

We of course went with the girl items :)
Later that evening we planned a Skype session with the Moore's - parents and sister included.  Technology certainly makes living 4,000 miles away a little easier. Sadly, the in-laws didn't get their package in time.  It was a day  So we shared the news with a sign.

And here is their reaction...all smiles and joy.
Then we had a call with my mom.  I gotta love her enthusiasm for life...especially little girls.  Her first granddaughter.  Goodness, is she going to be spoiled! 

She had a bit different reaction...

...wait for it...


...and then sheer excitement. 

Yes, she may have screamed and then cried.  And I caught it all on camera.
Her package made it, thankfully.  Here she is posing with her onesie.   And elephants, well apparently when I was a baby I was in love with elephants, so naturally that means that my daughter will be too.
Somehow both our families knew it was a girl.  I'm not sure how, maybe they wished it upon us.  But I'm completely ok with that.  And as for the name Madelyn Grace, we just love it.  We'll be calling her Maddie.

And because I'm a proud parent, here are some photos from 20 weeks for your enjoyment. :) Maybe the last pictures until we meet her.


Jenna G. said...

Isn't technology awesome? It allows us to see our families that live far away and our babies that aren't even here yet!

Amy Leigh said...

I knew it was a girl all along. I knew mine was a boy, too. Guess I just have the "gift." ;D