Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Apparently moving to Alaska is considered like an "international" move. Which is awesome - but it also means there is slightly more involved to get this process going.

Last week the mover appraiser came by the house to get an idea of the damage ahead of him and his movers. They sent the VP since we are the first family they are moving to Alaska that works at Matt's company. Rolling out the red carpet...thank you very much! Anyways, he said the four moving days (yes, I said four! Really? I didn't think we had that much stuff!) wouldn't be too big a deal since I'm such a "neat freak". Yep, he called me a neat freak. Is it bad that I took that as a compliment? :)

Another interesting thing they are making us do is....inventory.

We are having to write down and figure out how much every little itty bitty possession in our house is worth. Everything. It makes me tired thinking about it. Last night Matt and I spent awhile doing the back bedrooms.

5 sets of sheets.
6 pillows.
16 picture frames.
5 stuffed animals.
and so forth.

Matt called it out and I typed it in. We did make a great team. Though the hard part was coming up with a number that it would cost to replace each item...sounds a lot easier than it actually is! When we were throwing out numbers like $200 to replace the small bedside lamp...we decided we needed to go back and rethink a few.

We have about 1/4 of the house done...but most of the really hard rooms (like the kitchen!) left. :( In the end, I guess it'll be nice to have so if the train derails or the boat sinks before it arrives in Alaska we can replace all our belongings.

Back at it again tonight...wahoo.

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Abby said...

ug, my parents had to do that.... mind numbing