Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lotion, anyone?

Moving out of the lower 48 is a bit more of an ordeal than from, let's say, College Station to Houston - my most recent city to city move. :) They cannot pack any liquids, opened foods or fire hazards - understandably so. This means no cleaning supplies, no bathroom products, very few food items, and no candles. I spent a good day this week going through all the above products and figuring out what do I really want to keep? What's still good enough to give away? What will sadly just be thrown in the trash?

I came to the conclusion that I plan on donating all cleaning supplies and just refreshing my goods after arriving in Anchorage. As for the food, we are just trying to eat what we can. As for the candles (I'm slightly obsessed with burning candles in the house) and bathroom products (of which I have way too much of), well...we are checking two very large suitcases on our upcoming house hunting trip with items that a) they won't move and b) that we'll need while waiting for 3-4 weeks for our stuff to arrive. Unfortunately, 50 lbs is the max allowed on a checked bag...and with our air mattress, sheets, towels, tools, and kitchen spices...there was only so much room for my beloved candles and bathroom products. :(

Please note the below assortment of mostly unused lotions, body washes, sprays, etc that I have attained. My years of teaching has allowed me to not buy a lotion or body wash in the last 2 1/2 years...and this is what I still have left!! Kinda pathetic.

Thankfully, I have gotten it down to 3 ziplock bags that I am keeping and actually fit in our suitcase without overdoing the weight limit. The rest will find a new home.

And you can pray for Matt as his soon to be carry-on is a 45 pound bag full of candles that I could not part with...isn't he a great husband? :)

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