Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our first trip to Alaska

I love Anchorage. It is a great city. Really nice people. Little traffic. Lots of coffee shops. And views of the mountains in every direction. Amazing. I took the picture above on the major highway heading out of Anchorage. Yep, every day for the next several years of my life. I can't wait.

Of course there are the not so awesome the cost of living. The housing market is at least double what it is in the south. But with the help of a great realtor we found an great little townhouse that's a perfect fit for us really close to downtown (like 5 min from Matt's work - wahoo!). Plus, all exterior maintenance is included, which means no snow shoveling for the 8 months of the year that is snows. It also was recently gutted, completely redone, and currently vacant, which means that it's move in ready for us! God has provided for us over and over and over again in regards to this move. It's really quite unbelievable.

Then there is the whole sun/no sun thing. We were so exhausted after every jam packed day while we were up there that is didn't really effect us that much...until our flight home. It left at 1:20am - so rather than getting a hotel room for a few hours, we headed to the airport at 9pm. This is Matt sleeping on a bench at the airport at...10:45 at night! Yes, those are windows brightly illuminating the evening sun. I can't imagine why I wasn't able to catch some shut eye that evening...

We had a few hours the last afternoon to sightsee, so here we are breathing in the beauty Alaska has to offer. A view of the bay and the awe-inspiring mountains (which we have views of from our new home!). We even saw a couple moose on our way to the hotel...just chilling downtown about 2 feet off the major road. Nothing out of the ordinary for the locals...:)

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