Monday, June 28, 2010

An eventful (picture-less) week

I know pictures make reading more enjoyable, but alas, I have none for this time. But for those of you who are curious how the Moore's are doing up in the great state of you go. :)

Last week proved to be quite busy, unexpectedly. I actually had to go buy a planner because I couldn't keep up with everything going on...between sharing a vehicle, job hunting, keeping up two homes (on opposite sides of town), running errands to stores that I don't know where they are and hanging out with very welcoming know, things gets busy.

I contacted a couple employment agencies to get the ball rolling with a job for myself. I cannot sit still, and especially come winter I think I'll want something to get me out and about. Plus, the extra income never hurt anyone, right? I had some luck as they hooked me up with a couple job interviews. Friday I had an interview with a local company for a trust assistant position and today I went in for a second interview. Unfortunately, I only packed one business appropriate outfit - which meant a new shirt for me! So, a new shirt and a job offer later - I start in a couple weeks!! Wahoo! God provided - really fast!

Thursday we closed on our house! We absolutely love it! (Pictures will be posted soon.) Every single wall was obviously that had to be changed. About 4 trips to Home Depot and several changed colors later...I think we are done with a whopping 2 rooms :) with several to go. I hope it looks good with our decor...or more trips to the hardware store might be in store!

The weather here has been quite rainy and cold the last few days...which sadly fell over the weekend when we had great hopes of exploring the trails - but the rain welcomed time to paint the new house. :) The rain here is a little different as it's just a constant drizzle and never rains hard - I don't really mind since you never get soaked which is rather nice.

Some of the best news (yes, I currently rank this over all of the above): our cargo ship arrived!! Which means that in the next couple days they will be delivering our stuff! (It only took about 3 1/2 weeks compared to the 4-6 week estimated delivery) I am so excited to set up our new home! We've been blessed to house-sit, but there is nothing like having your own bed and kitchen.

All in all, life is good! Thanks for checking in. :)


Lynn Cooper said...

Wow, it sounds like such an adventure up there. Picking paint colors is one of the hardest things to do. Have fun!

Jayme said...

I love your blog Laura! Sounds like y'all have been really productive the past two months :) Will definitely need to come visit sometime while you're up there!!!